My first week on Linux (only)

It is the end of my first week trial of working on Linux only. As a new user, i knew the only way I was going to learn is jump right in, so I did not dual boot. It has been frustratingly awesome. My first install was Deepin last weekend, I learned a lot about downloading drivers, unpacking tar files, general terminal navigation, and just very basic stuff like changing display settings xrandir and adding repos, learning to mount and unmount drives and partitions – currently trying to make an NTFS bootable usb for windows 10 for my neice’s laptop. I switched to Manjaro a day ago, and it’s been wonderful learning the differences of pacman and aptitude from Deepin. You just get a fantastic feeling when you solve something by checking the man files without asking for help. I wish I would have got on Linux years ago because i’ve learned a lot about computing in a week. It’s kind of amazing that Linux can read NTFS files off my windows storage drive, can Windows do the same with ext4?

Manjaro XFCE is blazing fast, and I can’t wait to hop on my computer after work. Booted up Libre office to write a couple term papers, launched power point presentations in Libre Impress, my native steam games run without a hitch (albeit slower than Windows in a few of them). Manjaro came with the newest nvidia proprietary driver…Anyways, i’ve had some frustrating moments, but i’m really enjoying the process of fixing them. I’m having a great time!

Off topic question, is Times New Roman proprietary?

Merry Christmas all.


Ayyy. Welcome to the club!

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Wikipedia says so. It’s also owned by monotype, Incase any one was interested.

Lol, i’m not sure the mainstream academic fascination with that font. My teachers will have to accept my Liberation Serif. Hmm, Liberation… I wonder if there is a hidden meaning to that.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of linux. A lot to learn and so many choices. Hope you end up staying, cause it’s nice here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not out of the box at the moment.


there was an ext3 driver for windows, I don’t think it supports ex4 IIRC.

Yeah but you can get Microsoft fonts for free from AUR ttf-ms-fonts package.

Merry x-mas to you too.


Brilliant! I’ll consider that my Christmas gift lol. Thanks mate.


Be careful with that ext2/3/4 driver, it seems they barely support ext4, and it seems that on 64-bit systems it can cause data corruption!

Also ttf-ms-fonts seems to be outdated, the wiki page lists more up-to-date packages.


What do you guys think?


I think you’re a fan of colgate :wink: