My first time with Xubuntu

I just installed Xubuntu and i did the updates and all that. I want help with three things.

1.Every time i try to download something without sudo (only with apt-get) it ask me for root. Can i download without sudo?(I dont like everytime i want to download something to have to put my root pass)
2.Every time i want to download something via terminal it shows me this 0% [Connecting to (the server i donwload from) (and a MAC address).Can i fix that?.
3.How i can download my AMD drivers?

Grats! And Welcome to Linux!

No, it is not possible to update files without "sudo" as far as i know. Just do NOT ever use the command "gksudo" as it will give superuser permission for the entire session or maybe permanent, cant remember.

For AMD drivers, the one´s i tried in the "Driver Manager" sucked and gave no 3D Acceleration. You could try the AMD site for newer, (Maybe, better drivers?)

You can add a line like this to your /etc/sudoers file

user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get

Where user is your user name. You'll still need to type sudo apt-get but you won't be asked for a password.

  1. No you cannot. The thing is you do not just download it. You are actually installing it. Thus admin permissions are required. You can do what @Dexter_Kane is saying. Although it would not be a big deal if disabled, the root password is a security feature so I would not recommend disabling it.

  2. What do you mean? Does the download freeze or it is just a message and it continues?

  3. There are many ways: Either use the additional drivers application included in ubuntu. There you will get a list of tested AMD drivers proprietary drivers. Its a one click install. You just chose what you want. The other way is to download the latest driver from AMD directly like you would typically do anyway. I propose the first using the application. Easier and tested by devs and it will be automatically updated as new versions are tested by ubuntu. They are a bit older that the ones on the AMD site but it never really makes a difference on Linux for now.

Also if you do not use the PC for Games or anything requiring high GPU performance the open driver already included work absolutely fine and are automatically updated


  1. it freeze for 1-2 min and then starts to download.

Then it is just a internet connection issue. Either your connection or the connection of the source of the download is a bit slow to connect. Nothing that has to do with you. If it is the official repositories they will fix it. It has to do a lot on where you are too.

Just in case go to the Software and Updates application. Check where you download sources from. If you are downloading them from a server on the other side of the planet then that might the the reason. Chose the closest to your location and it should be fine. If you already have the closest chosen then there is nothing you can do.


I don't want to start opening threads all the time so i will ask it here. can i encrypt my drive with Xubuntu encryption after the installation?.( I found out i have 130mb volume doing nothing)

the hard drive not the home folder

same concept applies. except that you use the Disks application instead.