My First Post! With A Linux Problem I've Never Run Into

Hi guys. Been following your show for over a year and always looking forward to new content. Keep up the good work.

Anyhoo.. I wouldn't say I'm a complete Linux novice, but I've run into a bit of a problem. I've gone and dual booted Windows 10 and Fedora Workstation 23 onto 2 separate drives. I've done this before with Arch, and seeing as how you have to type in your mount points to point at the Windows EFI partition it's been pretty straight forward. Well.. the Anaconda installer is not as precise. I followed a tutorial for dual booting Windows and Ubuntu thinking, "this should work fine.. it's GRUB either way." They suggested unplugging the SATA cable from the Windows drive, installing the Linux OS and EFI partition on the other drive, so there's no chance it would overwrite the Windows Boot Manager. Well... Fedora works fine. I understand GRUB isn't going to know right off the bat where to look for Windows but os-prober, mkconfig, and efibootmgr to augment the boot order should work right? Not for me though.. efibootmgr doesn't recognize Windows Boot Manager as being there at all. I've checked with GParted and the normal /dev/sda2 where the Windows EFI partition is normally located is definitely the C drive. It appears as though the Windows Boot Manager has been overwritten. I can still get into it if I go through the BIOS and select which drive to boot, but I'm hoping there's a work around for this. All my work files are on the Windows drive and it'd be great if I can somehow get GRUB to point at Windows. Does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry post was so long but I'm not seeing anywhere else online someone who has the exact same issue. Thanks.

Maybe this thread is helpful:
(First result on DuckDuckGo search for: grub not detecting windows 10)

First question: Did you put grub on the windows drive or the linux drive.

My solution on EFI machines is to unplug the windows drive, install, then just use the F12 or whatever boot menu to select your shit.

Also just get an SSD to cut in half and put the boot sectors on etiehr half for windows and linux.

Thanks for the replies guys. I checked with diskpart and the partition exists, but is a hidden volume. I went digging through my Windows books and I think I know how to repair the Windows boot partition. Assuming that this works, I should be able to go back to Fedora and do the os-prober and mkconfig to add the Boot Manager to the GRUB list.

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