My First Post/My First Build

Greetings to everyone here at teksyndicate,

As the title says I am new here. Well after trolling the site for a while watching several build videos I have decided to go ahead and  build my first gaming pc.

For the CPU I went with the fx-8350

Mobo : Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 AM3+

RAM: Gskill Ripjaws X 8 gb for now

PSU: Corsair CX600M

Case: Corsair carbide 200R Black

GPU: going for the 670 or the 7970 ghz edition what do you guys think?

7970 ghz beats out 680's so unless you are playing a lot of nvidia optimized games it's the better choice I'd say. But yeah, it all looks good as far as your build goes.

Well there is no storage, and no cooler, of course you can use the stock cooler. 

for now i am going stock and as storage is concerned i have bunch of hdds the same goes for optical drive.

Well, a gHz edition is simply factory overclocked. You could save money by getting a standard 7970 and overclocking the crap out of it. If you use Adobe products, however, a 670 would be fantatsic. Make sure to get a single 8GB stick of memory so that you have the possibility to upgrade to the max of 32GB later. Other than that, the build looks great!

A single 8gb stick? Single channel RAM? Single channel RAM. Single. Channel. Single. RIP 2003.

The noticable difference is miniscule. If you want to cap out at 16GB of memory, that is fine, but if you want to use all that you can - i.e., 32GB, then you need 8GB sticks.

Implying windows and modern motherboards won't have issues running in single channel. I SHIGGIDY DIGGIDY. Unless you consider crashes and bluescreens miniscule.

It is a single stick of 8gb as I plan on going 32gb 

With all of AMD's driver updates it matches or beats even Nvidia Optimized games now.

The build looks really nice. I would go with 2X8 sticks of RAM for starters. I could be wrong, but I think Windows 7 Home Edition can only utilize 16GB of RAM anyway.  I think you have to go to Pro to be able to use 32GB of RAM and just what would you be doing that would require that much RAM? Unless you plan on doing video editing with Adobe software then go with the 7970 GPU. Hope this is of some help.


I went a head and bought the parts, I put them together and so far so good posted fine and i am runing ubuntu for now going to install windows later today. For the GPU i decided to go for the 7970 regular as paying extra for a small boost is unjustifiable.

So thank you guys.

Try this,the SSD is for a boot drive.

I run a single 4GB stick of RAM in my dad's computer and there hasn't been a single issue or bluescreen or whatsoever.