My First PC

Hey guys, for a long time now I have been planning on building my own PC. After a lot of research I am now in a position to order the components that I plan to use however I would like some feedback before I do so. The PC will be used mainly for gaming on 1080p (games such as Skyrim, BF4, CS:GO, CoD4, S.T.A.L.K.E.R) and audio listening, the budget is no more than £1400 excluding peripherals.

Case: Corsair 350D

MoBo: Asus Maximus VI Gene

CPU: i5 4670k

GPU: Asus 280x TOP

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4GB

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB

HDD: Caviar Black 1TB

Cooling: H100i + 4x SP120 Quiet PWM + 1x AF140

PSU: Corsair RM650

Soundcard: Asus Phoebus (This will be used with an AD-700x solely for gaming as I plan to get a seperate AMP/DAC setup for a HE-400 or HD650 to use for music)

OS: Windows 8.1 64-Bit OEM

Keyboard: Ducky Shine 3 Red Led (MX Brown) - This is not apart of the above budget

Mouse: Mionix Naos 8200  - This is not apart of the above budget


Any help and feedback is appreciated, also as you can see this is quite an aesthetic based system but I am also open to doing a silent build within a Define R4 (This is the only silent case that is both within my budget and one which I like)


(All of which are purchased from Amazon UK and I apologise in advance for not using pcpartpicker but it is blocked at my college for some unknown reason)

 Edit: I plan to keep this build for 2/2.5 years as by that time I will be in a position to afford a new and higher end PC. Also I have considered something along the lines of an FX-8350, Sabertooth 990FX and a NH-D14 but I am worried that I will regret it as I have heard so many conflicting opinions on the FX-8XXX range, especially with Skyrim

The 840 evo is highly recommended and the 250 GB version is on sale for $150 USD on amazon for cyber monday so if you can get it today. Its currently 114 on so it might not be that great of a deal.


As I said, I am purchasing everything within the UK. Unfortunately we do not have the privilege of stupidly good sales in the UK (For us 10% is something to fight over apparently)

The stores I will use are either Amazon, Scan and Overclockers.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

i have a sort of similar build. it too was my first but i have a 8320 and sabertooth for bf4 and next gen games instead of that haswell. both are equal cpu's though and perform very well. I own the sapphire toxic version of the 280x and it has overclocked nicely. i also have the rm650 as silence is a target for me ( i live in the country in Scotland) i have a small 128gb samsung evo ssd for a couple games ( skyrim) and my os. I also have a cm seidon 240m water cooler to keep my 4.8ghz cool and apart from the case which is personal opinion everything in that build looks pretty solid. Just remember that a totally amazing motherboard isn't essential. i can't comment on a sound card or your peripherals ( unless a monitor is involved ) because I have a pair of astros and the mixamp pro 2013 is good enough for me but for that keyboard i personally reccomend a cherry mx red mechanical board. i find they are much easier to use for gaming and tend to be at reasonable prices. But one thing i noticed first was the fact that you are ordering 4! sp120's for that h100i.

when you have the best fans available 2 fans are equal to 4 and you'll only increase the noise i have 2 noctua f12's on myne in pull and i found for my cooler putting it in push only makes it more dusty.

Hope i was of help :)


Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. As for the H100i and SP120 setup that is actually 4 SP120s for the H100i AND the case (2 front and 2 top with the h100i)

Also would I be right in saying that the Sabertooth is a well built board for the FX-8350 to OC to 4.5Ghz?

if your going to oc. the 8350 is just a 8320 that is higher clocked so if you really want to save £30 just go for that. for an 8350/8320 you'd be able to get to 4.8 with that cooler and motherboard combo. I really love the sabertooth and maximus motherboards but for me the price point of sabertooths are what wins it between them. there build quality is fantastic and they can easily handle higher voltages while staying cool on the socket and VRM

if you need a couple of examples of my fps benchmarks. i average around 74 fps on skyrim with highest quality settings and alot of mods with hi-def shaders and textures. with bf4 i get about 50 fps on highest possible settings and it stays pretty stable with the lowest fps of 41. apart from that i dont play many big titles so i couldnt tell you benchmarks for them but i do play alot of indie games and some can be stressful on your hardware. my example would be kerbal space program in which it runs extremely smooth, when rockets explode the frame rate doesnt seem to drop at all. i am very pleased with my system and it amd has exceeded my expectations this time around. ( sort of a new fanboy but i still love intel and my nvidia gtx 760 in another pc i own)  

Thanks for that information, they are slightly lower than I expected they would (I was under the impression that the 280x would stay in the average in the 70s on BF4) What is your CPU clocked at?


Edit: Added a Sound Blaster Z PCI EXpress Gaming Sound Card 5.1 to the list for my soundcard, this will be used solely for gaming and the AD700x


Also if you don't mind, the next time you are on BF4 could you see what FPS you get with Ultra but with no filters and no motion blur. Thanks.

looks good im assuming your not really going for a certain theme within your case and it doesnt matter but you might want to choose the asus direct cu 2 280x they're both the same price and will over clock just aswell as each other. the only difference is which one do YOU want :). ill get on those battlefield 4 benchmarks tomorrow. i think both my gpu and cpu were at stock speeds and at the moment both are overclocked ( gpu core at 1200mhz, memory at 6800mhz and my cpu at 4.8)and are stress test stable

i also found a video of some guy playing bf4 multiplayeron highest settings with the same system except with 7970 whilst frapsing. he says in the comments his multiplayer framerate is normally 60-120fps. myne being low could be some optimization issues i don't know about or possible because i play at 1200p? i don't know but hopefully ill find out tomorrow.

k so i ran a background fps recorder while playing conquest for half an hour and averaged a 72fps( min was 42, maz was 117) at max settings. i then did the same thing on the same map ( Dawnbreaker) for half an hour and averaged 97 fps with minimum of 59fps and max of 122 without any msaa. I did have problems though as the refresh rate of my monitor is only 60hz so i saw alot of screen tearing.