My first pc build

This is my first build I have ever done, so I am a little nervous about it :). I just wanted to know anyone's opinions on it and if anything should be changed. I'm only using it for gaming and some schoolwork.

any input is appreciated and thanks in advance.

Looks pretty good, but not sure of your budget, and I don't know much about the motherboard.  Also you could get RAM for like $5 cheaper, but that's not a big deal.

Thanks, this is really the upper range of my budget . the absolute most i could do would be $750. Is there any motherboard that you would recommend in the 60- 90 dollar price range?

I think the one you have is good, I just am not all that up to date when it comes to motherboards, but the 6300 doesn't need a super high end motherboard.

I have a very similar build, same CPU, similar Mobo. I hear complaints about Win 8, so I recommend either using win 7 or Linux if you are willing to try it. (I think the R9 270 is similar to the HD 7950, which is just fine for almost every game I throw at it)

i actually just helped piece together an FX-6300 build for my cousin. he loves it. 

assuming that board can handle it (I'm not the best when it comes to AMD boards), you can get an 8320 for only like $20 more.

Also, i say this a lot, but i would ditch the Seagate drive, personally, and opt for a Western Digital Blue drive. it is like $2 more than that seagate. lol 

Other boards yes, that one I would not personally put an 8320 in but you are right, it could probably run it fine for life but just not enough trust and the board is not exactly cut out for it. Much better off with a 990FX board if you want an AMD 8xxx or 9xxx CPU. If you look around you could get an 8320 and a board for probably about $50 more. It would be a huge step up. 

I am rocking two Seagate drives (500gb and 2tb) never made a miss step. But I am in Europe, not sure if we get different drive batches form the US.

The R9 270/270x are the re hash of the 7850/7870 cards. The 280/280x are the 7950/7970. The 270 is very capable. I am using the 7870 and it is a champ. High for most games and only going to medium for the most demanding games, runs Dirt Showdown with full everything perfectly.

You can crossfire the 7850, 7870, 270 and 270X, they are all the same base cards, just for a fun fact. 

Ah, is that how it works. I never took the time to figure out AMD's new cards in comparison to the old.

ah, well there we go. yeah, i just haven't paid much attention to AMD to know what does and doesn't need the 990 stuff. 

well, i have seen some reliability reports on HDDs, and Seagate is always pretty low. also, a professional friend of mine, who uses a LOT of HDDs in his professional photography, agrees with those reports based on his own personal experiences. 

of course, they make more solid ones than duds, but given the choice, i would go with WD over any other HDD just based on reliability percentages. and, obviously, WD makes duds too, and certain models are worse than others. 

but yeah, that is a decent build. 6300 is a great CPU. at some point he will have to put his foot down. $20 here, $50 there... little upgrades add up fast :P

Edited your build. Take a look.Hope it helps

^ good build. and cheaper too :)

only thing i don't like, is that i keep reading your name as "Lezbo" i think i'm dyslexic.  

Thanks for all the help guys, ill definitely think about your build Lebozo. How well do do think this rig could handle games at 900p? because that's the only monitor i have until i can upgrade. 

Weston - Hahaha. You're not the only one. Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it.


Strix - That 270 can handle 1080 on medium to high-ish settings. 900 wouldn't be an issue

For the money i would go with this

Alot better than a fx6300 and if it's too much atm get rid of the cooler and buy it later just dont oc untill you have an aftermarket cooler since the amd stock ones are crap

(pssst.. double post)

well.. that IS like $100 over what i assume is his budget. lol

thanks everyone for the advice. i'm going to build this soon :)

Thanks for the heads up other one deleted now and it's only $70 over could make it $60 with the card op used in his original post and well worth the extra money