My First PC Build

This is my first PC build.Intended to be a gaming PC

If any one can give suggestions or opinions on this I would be very great full 


And I'd also like to ruin games like BF3,Day Z and Total War games

Grab the 650TI boost vershon its a lot more powerfull than the standard 650TI and grab the WD harddrive over the seagate its more relible --->

Get yourself a 7790 or a 7850, the bang for your buck is better on amd cards. Well, as long as you don't have a need of Cuda cores, or if you want to stick a second on in later. If you want to go for a dual graphic card solution later on, get a 650Ti Boost, else, get the Amd equivalent.

I agree with cooperman, the 10 bucks you spend more on a Western Digital are worth it, if you want reliability. But I would personaly get a big SSD later down the road when they become cheap. That can't be further away than 3 years, and I think the seagate will last until then. Either way, it's you choice :D

Happy building ;D

Seagate drives are just fine.  The incident with the faulty 7200.11 drives has been resolved for quite some time now.  There's no need to be afraid of Seagate HDDs.  They are solid for the money.

i dont know what your budget is, but i made this.

i put in a 7870XT will give you much better gaming performance. cause its basicly a 7930 card..

FX6300 will give you much better gaming performance. but if you ever plan a cpu upgrade to a FX8350, then i can highly recommend to pickup a decent 990Fx chipset board like the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0

Grtz Angel ☺

Oh sorry forgot the budget but its about 600£ Willing to go a bit higher 

if you have the extra moolah go for a an FX processor so you get get more out of your Mobo... 

How would that run games like dayz bf3 and Total war games

well  a FX6300 with a 7870XT  will runn those games very easy ☺

Well get a nvidia 9600 with a pentium 4 and you ll easily play all your games at 2 fps

This is set up I made using your set up and another persons 

keeping in mind my 550£ budget 

will these components work together ?????