My first PC build

Hey all,

My PC is getting pretty old so im looking to build a new one. Its gonna be used pretty much exclusively for gaming. I wont be editing or anything on it. I would like to be able to play new games on high/max settings at resonable framerates at 1080p.

This is what I have at the moment , any advice to make it faster/not explode and other good things would be much appreciated 

I plan to overclock the cpu hence the kraken x40 but im not sure if this is overkill and i can go with a cheaper cooler

Id like to keep it around £1100 but im happy to go over if its gonna make a big difference.

Thanks in advance 


Little more on a power supply...

Nice specs.. but as Spenlard said dont cut off the PSU get atleast 650 then :)

Personally the Seasonic X Series 650Watt is amazing and worth every penny :D (Its full modular and awesomely sleeve cables)

Granted I did get it on sale for $85


The Kraken x60 is better than the x40, offering more cooling opportunities (up to 4x 140mm fans.) Later on, I would recommend purchasing 4x Corsair AF 140mm Quiet Edition fans to put on the radiator. Also, the Samsung RAM is a lower frequency, but it is so overclockable that people have gotten 2400mHz out of it. Also, it is extremely low profile, which just makes things easier. I added a better GPU, and it is still under 1100 pounds.



-Brennan Riddell

Why not get the 8350 it would be a couple bucks cheaper and in quite a few tests is faster than the i5 3570k.

Thanks for the responses so far.

Seems that the PSU was the main issue so ill change that. Ill probly go with what brennanriddell has posted, unless the 80+gold is worth the extra money?

Is overclocking ram going to be easy for a scrub with very limited overclocking experience of any kind?

And lastly if the kraken x60 comes with thermal paste is that good enough or will i need to buy some other stuff to use?




80+ Gold is simply more power efficient. Is it worth it? Environmentally, it is better, but performance wise, it won't affect the type of power provided, or the stability of the power. It will only make it more power efficient, and possibly a few degrees cooler. If you can, get the 80+ gold, otherwise, it isn't necessary.

The pre-applied thermal paste will work, but with such a high-performance cooler, I would use Arctic Silver 5. Buy a single tube and it will last 5 builds, or so. You would have to buy thermal paste remover to get the stock-applied stuff off, but you will need some thermal paste remover at one point or another, so just go ahead and get it. Arctic Silver 5 will probably perform several degrees cooler if applied correctly. TL;DR, not neccesary, but slightly beneficial.

Overclocking the RAM in the UEFI BIOS is fairly straight forward - even without much technical knowledge. Look at a few videos on Youtube about RAM overclocking in the UEFI BIOS and it will make sense. Also, if the overclock fails, it will simply not POST, allowing you to reset the BIOS and start over. Just remember - gradual increase; do not fry your components. If you are worried about messing up the RAM, wait for a friend/professional to come help you. However, Intel XMP makes it very easy to overclock. Happy building!



-Brennan Riddell

Thanks for the info brennan, im convinced and will probably go for the parts youve suggested.

Devon: i did look at the 8350 but prrtty much every site says the 3750k is faster abd the 8350 and much as i trust logans reviews, they cant all be wrong, right? Also i wilk mainly be gaming so the extra cores probably wobt do much for me.

Sorry for any typos on my phone and i have fat fingers D:

I would rather get a GTX 670 or 680 for the GPU. I have bad experiance with Radeon. And Nvidia gives better support, drivers and warranty than AMD!