My first PC build

So, I've decided to build a PC, and I'm looking for some advice and opinions on the parts I've chosen. This PC would be running Windows 7, unless someone can convert me to a Windows 8 beleiver. I would use this for gaming, for games like Minecraft(tekkit mod + nice texture pack and tekkit server running all simultaneously.) and whatever games I get off Steam, but nothing to extensive besides the server. I do not want to go over $400 for the hardware. A Feel free to suggest new parts aswell.







Little confused on getting a GPU, is the CPU's intergrated graphics enough?

I'm also purchasing an extra fan for the side of the case.

So, please leave me some opinions/suggestions/advice!


good site, searches alot of stores for components, and u can prganize them in a shareable list

I'd recommend a similar build, take a look:

Tiny bit over $400, but its well worth it. You honestly shouldn't bother getting a GPU for this, the IGP will do fine. You should be able to OC the IGP to 1000MHz and the CPU over 4GHz in this build. Will play most modern games at High @1080P at about 30FPS. This system is built for gaming and has a great future track, when you decide you want an upgrade at somepoint in the future, all you need to do is drop a new GPU in here, turn off the IGP and crank up the CPU a bit more, lossless upgrade. There are alternatives where you get a different CPU and a low end GPU, but when you decide to upgrade you'll need sell or toss the old GPU, which will effectively be wasting $100 of your old build.

Oh and yeah, use PCPartPicker, tis good. 


Are you sure that cooler is compatible with both the CPU and MoBo?

Yes, PCPartPicker is being dumb. AMD hasn't changed thier heatsink model since way before the AM2 sockets, if you look at the processor it comes with two bracing units, the pushpins for intel, and the tension brace for AMD. I've used it on an FM1 board, and I'd be fucking blown away if AMD changed their heatsink mounting units between FM1 and FM2 and I've heard nothing of it.

Sorry, I am a super noob. What is an IGP you mentioned in your first comment?

Integrated Graphical Processor. The A10s have graphics cards built into them, generally a discrete graphics card is called a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit).