My first pc build will this work

use gaming 

ok i know it dosen't have a graphics card but im going to buy one later when i have a bit of mony and this is US   currency. I want to future proof it so in 3 Years it wont be a piece of crap also can u recomend a graphics card. i am going to ad more ram and a cpu coler later


 $750 increasing $25 a week

Do not get a i7 unless you are rendering, you can save 100 bucks by going with i5 3570k. For graphics you can go with a 7870 once you have enough.

ok i will keep that in mind

how much dose Hyper-Threading affect it

Affect rendering? If you are talking about rendering then H-T will make it a lot faster but if you are talking about gaming then it doesn't really do anything since games can't really take advantage of all the extra threads yet. :)

ok good to know

This is probably as good of a full system that you could expect to find for around $750

i fit in a 7950, 2 tb of storage, and an FX-4300. Build this systam mayng. It'll play anything, at 1080p and highest settings, without a hitch.


if you gonne do mainly gaming, then  i would go with an AMD setup, with an 7870XT or 7950 gpu.  FX6300 cpu or better.

Just grab this, then upgrade it when you feel it be necessary.  

It's better to just buy a build and upgrade when needed than sit around waiting foreva. Trust me.

can I O-C this i dont know much abought AMD