My first OC 3570k inside hehe

So just wanted to share my first OC job. Ran Prime95 for 8hrs and it is stable.  Letting my pc rest them I'll try some gaming with new CPU performance

3570k 4.2Ghz @ 1.082volts . 


I have mine at 4.3 @ 1.168 v

Nice, just playing around i got to 4.3 @ 1.175v but i didnt have my LLC set so i was showing a lot of Vdroop, im pretty sure with my LLC set properly ill be able to get 4.3 @ around >1.16v

nice guys. i haven't tryed gaming yet since i OC. will try gaming later today

I run mine at 4.4 now, trouble with getting it to 4.6 for some reason. Ran it at 4.7 one time by accident an got up to 85 C :)

3570K owner here.
On a whim I decided to do this:

I usually run my system 4.5-4.6

Holy shit. That voltage is crazy high. Suicide run? You bench it?

Ah the fabled double-necro. Lovely.