My first Nvidia experience

Installed my new 1070 FTW yesterday and instantly in love compared to my 390 nitro.

Where I was getting 59-60 fps in GTA 1440p (w/ 1.250 scaling) now getting 135fps so can max everything!

same story in all my other games and no longer get failing driver black screens (with AMD crimson)

But the best thing is temps, it was boiling yesterday evening (32 degrees in UK) and the card was 38 degrees idle easily and maxed 100% sustained no higher than 65 degrees.

For comparison, in winter the R9 390 idled at 50 and maxed at 82, the worst thing being once I had finished gaming it just couldnt cool itself, so after gaming, at idle it stayed at 68 for hours, whereas in-between loading sequences the new 1070 happily cools itself back to idle 38 temps and ramps up again when needed.

Drivers are fantastic and WORK. I mean I have only ever had AMD GPU cards and for the past 4 years I have never had a stable driver over 3 computer builds.

Also Tek made a big deal about how the new NVIDIA game works or alike MAKES you sign up and hand over all your details and its horrific.. NEVER BUY NVIDIA they are EVIL.... but I just plugged in downloaded and played...

only did a few hours of gaming last night but the card overclocked out the box to 2.05ghz and stayed there stable at 68degrees, and im sure with more game time and different games I can hit the 2.1 magic number.

Look forward to seeing what boost clocks everyone else has been getting on 10 series cards.

Cant see going back to AMD in a long time, and will probaly be buying more EVGA cards in future.

I guess... you get what you pay for.

What boost clocks are other people getting?

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I'll be impressed when they can make a 1070 version of the R9 Nano. Keeping that GPU cool is no big trick when you have a massive-ass FTW cooler.

Glad you like it though :D

Just say goodbye to Async and be ready to fork over for Gsync if you ever need it ;3

I know, I know, I'm just giving you a hard time... Nvidia's shenanigans in the past have never compelled me to spend money on anything other than their mobile GPUs.

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Honestly the FTW cooler is smaller by about 3 inches than the Nitro, the Nitro was frickin huuuuge , the heat fin array stretched a further 3 inches over the actual PCB and had an extra fan xD

Thats the thing i dont really want to get into high refresh rates and Gsync shizzle as I know it will make me never go back to 60hz standard panels which I need for my colour critical work xD so dont tempt me ;)

1070 and 1080 are the cards to buy. 1070 performance is definitely worth the money.

Here's some benchmarks of the 1060 for comparison.,1.html

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Definitely! Think the 1070 will be the most popular this year and the 1060 looks pretty compelling if you can't quite afford top tier

Funnily enough, over the 4 month period i had an EVGA GTX 980, i had nothing but issues with Nvidia drivers, but this RX 480 is stable, and the drivers are giving me no issue. The only downside is the reference cooler, because quite frankly it blows. (pun intended)

I'm thinking of ordering an Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II when i get paid.

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not much to state here, its obvious 1070 is a better card than 390... different node an all... 2 generations newer gpu.

Driver wise, well some people have shitty setup, or got faulty card - then make the claim to be for all cards. I never had bsod or blackscreen on functional non-broken amd card on crimson. (old 12.8 catalysts were making issues - but it was very easy to downgrade or upgrade)
I assume your 390 had issues and should be RMA'd.

Nvidia does behave very badly - and your 1070 will be the new 970; its only question of time when people are going to find out about it. When 1080ti comes out, 1070 will get no love.

You get what you pay for, and most likely $450-500 aio 980ti will still be very close or in some cases beat your 1070 for next 2 years or so. I'm just sitting back and going to enjoy the show when 480 will get even closer to 1070 performance over its life. (if 480 gets another 10% more performance in vulkan it'd already beat 1070)


you have won this thread

my comparison is not of performance that was just a side note of "hey i got a new card"

I have only ver had AMD cards and drivers have always been the bane of my life no matter which card.

Well the 970 is still the most popular card and still being SLI'd despite 3.5gb and its age now.

Im not trying to say hey look my card is the best ever. It is a fantastic card though.

Im saying I'm done with AMD. i have given them my patience and money over the past 4-5 years, and now Nvidia and EVGA have won my elegance

Jesus jumped up Christ, it is one generation old. You make it sound like it is all but a dead dusty card now.

I'm using a 290 and still keeps up just fine hitting 60fps at more than acceptable settings, which is all that matters unless you have a 120hz monitor which I dont. And highest end settings are becoming a joke with many games have zero visible difference between high and ultra.

135 fps is nice but I would rather own a hot hatch that is fun from 0-60 than a Ferrari that is fun at speed that just cannot be used.

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things change quick in computers, especially cost. I can afford to replace a card whenever I need to, I dont expect everyone can.

Makes sense...In that level Nvidia wins hands down. And of course the 1070 is miles better than a 390. In those prices range i do think AMD showed anything impressive. Only Vulkan is what makes cards like Fury hold up.

The real market battle will be one class lower. Between the 480 and 1060. I was watching benchmarks and it seems that both have basically the same performance to cost ratio, with AMD being slightly better. In European prices 480 has an even better ratio but still not that much of a difference. I am really curious how they compare in Vulkan. That will be interesting.


For being the second best consumer grade card - it is supposed to run everything great :)
Congrats :)
Since the RGB lighting is where nobody sees it, does you even notice it?

So far, seems so!,

thank you :)

That has been a big annoyance for me when choosing the card, so many manafactures IMHO have made poor design decisions, especially ASUS and MSI, true I personally really like ACX 3.0 and the big badge on the side, but yes... the "underglow" really doesn't show, and cant be just turned off indipendantly from the other lights. Will upload a photo some time. I think it is however the best of the bunch when it comes to "premium" 1070's

Unless its Pascal, which is just turbo Maxwell.

Oh dear.

Go on.

so pascal may be based on maxwell, big deal. are you saying it is not a satisfactory improvement?

The only satisfactory improvement NV could make is telling us who got put into power at the 400 series to start all of this bullshit they've been pulling.

No not at all, just that a 1070 should roughly equate to a 980ti. The only seriously news worthy Pascal card for me is the 1080 as it is actually going one step further. The rest are basically old line replacements.