My First motherboard

Hey everyone, today I'm choosing a motherboard for my first build. What i've chosen so far is what was recommended by Logan in the Mid-Grade Pc USA.

What my question about this mobo is the front usb planel header. Since im relatively new to building PCs I have no idea what that is. My understanding is that its what is used to connect  the case usb panel to the mobo. If so is this mobo worth it because it is pretty cheap for a mobo.

The other one was this:

What I question about this board is if a front panel header is even worth the extra 20 dollars. Many thanks to everyone.

Asus M5A97 R2

Wel the Msi has only usb 2.0 front panel header, you indeed connect the usb ports in the front of the case to that, the Asrock has  usb 2.0 headers, and a usb 3.0 fron pannel heaser.

But okay besides that, Which processor will you gonne use?

i could only say stay away from Msi 970-GD45/46, those boards are crap, they have very weak vrm´s, (and only 4.1 power phase) they get extreme hot, wenn you installing a 125 W tdp cpu. like FX6350/8320/8350.its a very well known issue on these boards, msi came with an update  the GD46, they put a bigger heat spreader on the vrm´s and the northbridge chip, but this didnt solve the problem.

if you go with an Fx6300 95Wtdp cpu you probably fine, but i still not recommend them. The Asrock 970 extreme 3/4 or the 990FX extreme3 have a bit the same problems, also very weak power phase design only 4+1 and low quality vrm's

You will be better of in that price range, to pickup a Asus M5A97 R2.0 this board has a  4+2 powerphase and quality digi vrm.

its all a bit depending on how much you willing to spend. if you want to go on CF or sli then i would recommend buy a decent 990FX chipset board.

another vote for the asus
the asrock is rubish

a pc i built last month had an fx8350 on the m5a97 and i OC it to 4.5 no problems


I'll be using the fx 6300 but if the MSI has that many negatives the price isnt an issue anymore. I only wanted it because it was cheap and i wanted to spend extra cash on RAM but thats also not a problem anymore. As for the Asrock, its a company I've never heard before but since it was recommended I checked them out.

Now since three people have recommened the Asus M5A97 R2.0 it seems like a pretty good board and its the same price as the Asrock. I would get the M5A99 but it doesn't seed worth it espicially since there's the Asus M5A97. The MSI is also in the same price range as the Asus M597A R2.0 LE but based on the reviews its not a very good board. Im not too concerned about SLI or CF since I won't be running them. But thanks a lot I'm going to go with the Asus M5A97 for my first build.

yes the Asus M5A97 R2.0 would be a good choice.