My First Monitor


I am looking for my first monitor. I was wondering what people would suggest. I will be using it to play games and do some photo editing so I was hoping for a monitor with at least 60Hz, at 1080p, a low(ish) response time (if it is really that important for gaming) and rich colors. If anyone can recommend a few good options that would be great!

Thanks in advance

I really depends on your budget and your computer that's pushing the pixels. Since your doing some photo editing an IPS panel with a high 99/100% sRGB would be good. At 1080p, 23" is the max before the ppi gets too low.
As a general rule, I try to use a monitor that costs about a quarter of what it took to make my computer.

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My budget is something less than 350. A lot of the reviews of the Acer H236HL say the stand is fairly bad? any comments @kewldude007?

if you do allot of photo editing, and you want a decent monitor with great colors and viewing angles.
Then i would recommend to look at an IPS panel, thats realy the best panel for photo editing in my opinnion.

LG and Asus for example have some decent models for a good price.
I think something like 23 inch, would be a good size for 1080p.

IPS panels are made by LG, and you find those panels in Apple Cinema displays aswell.
So they are realy decent quality.

Maybe you could also look at one of the Korean ips monitors, which Logan and Wendell have revied.
for $350,- you can maybe grab a 27 inch 1440p korean ips monitor.

Maybe wendell has still a link to that seller.

I know this might be a bit out of you budget but this thing rocks and every once and a while you can get a good deal on it. I got it for $399 when it was on sale

It was DreamSeller in eBay. I don't have link because work by that is what you are looking for.

I was thinking about possibly looking into a 1440p Korean monitor but I was not sure what graphics card I would need to run games ranging from battlefield to cs go? What card would you suggest for those games at that resolution @MisteryAngel? @shadowvengence22 I appreciate the option but its a bit too expensive for me.

atleast a 7950/280 or the nvidia equivalent. THis also assumes that you wont be getting Anti-Aliasing and wont be able to run the absolute latest graphics hogs ( like the witcher 3) at maximum.

you are correct dreamseller it is.

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