My First Gaming rig!

Hello all my name is Beat and im a starting youtuber and a streamer!

About a week ago i ordered parts for my gaming rig.

These are the parts:

GPU: XFX RADEON HD 7970, 1000M BLACK DD Edition 3072 MB DDR5, Mini-DP

CPU: AMD FX-6300, 6 Core, 3,5 GHz

MB: MSI 970A-G43, AMD 970 AM3+

HDD: Western Digital Blue 7200rpm 1tb  

SSD: Corsair Neutron Series 64g

RAM: GeIL EVO Laggera DDR3-1600 8gb (2x4)

PSU: Cooler Master G Series 600w

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master hyper 103

So what can i do with my system can i record footage and stream in 720+ 30-60fps?

And tell me your toughts and what i should upgrade next!

Thanks to all 


you can use a capture card to record which is probably the best way to record and stream.  Otherwise you can use DXtory.  I would say next upgrade a 3tb hard drive if you are serious about making videos the footage takes up a lot of room.  

oh yeah i forgot to add a aver media live gamer to my build so i think that improves! :D


ya thats good.  I would foucus on storage then as recording takes up a lot of room unless you are going to mostly stream in that case you would not need more storage but probably a program like xsplit for streaming

Post some pictures of your rig when your parts get to you! Have fun building your new rig. :D

i will :D