My First Gaming PC

What do you guys think about my PC build? I want to know I'm making the right choices for the parts before getting them all and being disappointed when it's not what i wanted it to be. It's not supposed to be a super gaming computer but I want it to perform for the money.

Click here to see the build:

Why the 2.5" hard drive? The S340 has space for two or three regular 3.5" hard drives. Also, you could get a nice air cooler for the price of the Kraken, and it might actually perform better. Switching the cooler to a Noctua NH-U9B and the hard drive to a 1TB WD Black comes in at just about the same cost.

Thanks. Any other suggestions that would give me the same performance as the Noctua? I can't really get around the colour of it and I do want to make the system look as nice as possible but if that's my best choice, I'm obviously not going to sacrifice performance.

Do you have any parts from older builds that you can use ? Like, some storage ?

No I don't.

Any color preferences ?

How much bling do you want your system to have ?

I don't want anything too fancy. I'm trying to use mostly a black and white colour scheme with the white NZXT S340 and the black and white Gigabyte motherboard. But I'm not going to choose form over function.

I think its worth stretching for a 970, please consider:


All of the following builds have rebates, so the prices will go up significantly in the future.

Your build, tweaked a little -  ca.$842

Intel alternatives, in this order  (main differences are motherboard+cpu, and case for each couple).

 1.  $903  with s340 case  $883 (same as above, different case - corsair spec-01 red led)


 2.  $871  with S340 case  $850  (the same as above, but with the corsair case)

The H81 mobo is paired with a 4440 to rule out the need of bios update.


I'll consider it. I still don't have all the money I need anyways so depending on how quickly I can make it I might wait a little longer and get better parts.

I think I want to stick with the AMD CPU simply because of the price and from what I've seen it's pretty close to the i5. And how does the Cooler Master compare to the Noctua? Because if they perform almost the same I would like to change to the Cooler Master for the looks.

thing is, the 4460 beats an overclocked 6300

consider that u don't pay for an additional heatsink, so the price difference is ~20$,

if you want to save that, get a cheaper i5 IMO

Okay. Well I'm probably going to end up revising it many times so it might end up being an i5 or it could be 8350. But I'll consider it.

nice thread about 4460 vs 6300:

No doubt the 4460 is better but I'll have to see if I'll be able to afford it.

Off the top of my head - you might wanna research and see if there's a big performance difference or not.