My first gaming pc build

Hi there,


I'm going to build a PC here in the Netherlands and I want you opinion about this PC.

I'll use it for gaming and I'll not upgrade soon

I'll buy those parts on the 25/08/2013 so I need to make the last decisions

So here is my build:

cpu - AMD FX 6300/6300

motherboard - Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

Graphics card - MSI TF III GTX 660 OC

Case - CM storm scout 2 advanced

ram - G.SKILL ripjaws 8gb 2x4 GB 1600MHz

psu - Corsair cx600m

Hard drive - WD blue 1TB

What do you think about the build

My budget around the same as the parts cost here

And here everything is expensive here :(



Hello. I think this is a good build for gaming. You can upgrade it will an 83xx processor at a later time, or a better GPU. Good to have those upgrade options!

I would replace the power supply with an XFX 550W. It is higher quality, and probably a little bit cheaper. If you can't find that PSU, the CX is fine.

change the Gigabyte board to an Asus board, I've had way too much trouble with gigabyte, and I think they're just a cheap company with a big face honestly, I mean really I don't trust a company that has enough gall to put 2 power phases on a Mobo and sell it claiming any kind of quality.

look for a 1866 CAS 9 kit, you can sometimes get them for a few bucks more than a 1600 kit

Personal opinion, get a worse case (you could get away with a HAF 912) and get a fx 83xx CPU like the guy above says.

yep a case is cheaper to upgrade/replace than a CPU is

well i don't think i'll downgrade the case as it will be on the desk in my room and i go to alot of lan partys

and my color theme is red black so that why i did not get a asus ....... EVO 

trust me, you'll rather have a working PC than a red PC, if you are than worrided about the scheme you can get their ROG line or Sabertooth and paint the thermal armor

That is true but i heave seen no bad teview about the high end series + the gigabyte has more pci x16 slots
so can you give me more reasons to go with asus?

outstanding quality assurance and testing, as well as the quality of the components that they choose, why buy a high end Gigabyte board with mediocre components when you can get Asus which has high quality across the board, what would you use the second slot for? single slot solutions are better than dual cards, you should only use two cards if you are given one for free or if you have multi monitors or 1440p+

"...get Asus which has high quality across the board..." I see what you did there ;)

Well i'll use the extra slots for sli because i heave 3 monitors + 2 soundcards. I'll think about the asus motherboad they give me good futures. But the price is 40 euro more then the gigabyte one so i need to lower some things :(

i live in the netherland too and i have a simular build except i have a 8350  but i think its fine


btw buy your stuff at mycom they have great warrenty