My First Gaming PC Build

Hey guys, I just recently got into PC gaming. I have done a lot of research and watched a lot of videos and came up with this build that has a few different options in it. I want your opinions on which one of my options you think would work better (of course if you have another option about the same price that would be better, I'm always open to change) thanks guys in advance!


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ socket

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB)

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB or WD Caviar Blue 1TB

PSU: Antec Basiq 500w

CASE: NZXT Phantom 410

I was thinking about getting a boot SSD, but don't know if an extra 70-100 dollars is worth it if it's just for the OS and a few other apps. Also was thinking about getting a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo in case i want to over clock in the future. I am willing to change pretty much anything if you have any suggestions on what would be better, thanks guys!


i dont know how much this is so i cant help much but perhaps you should get an intel i3 (second or third gen)

also, if you can get a 660ti rather than a 560ti as the 600 series is on averge 15-30% btter (In terms of fps) compared to the 500 series, also the 600 series is more energy efficient, hope this helps! 

Oh and by the way, you have the same case as me :) its huuuuge but very good.

And also, perhaps a higher power supply just incase you want to SLI in the future? (750w minimum)

Do you have a specific reason for getting the Phantom 410 over, say, the Tempest 410, which is 40 bucks cheaper?

Also, for the GPU, 560 TIs go for 200-ish bucks these days (assuming you're in the US, of course). For the same price or a bit lower, you can get a Radeon HD 7850, which is newer, uses less power, has more memory (if you get a 2GB version, makes it a bit more future proof), and should just be a bit beefier overall. If you step your case down to the Tempest and spend the extra cash on a better GPU, you can get a 7870 (Sapphire makes a good one at that price), which should blow the 560 ti clean out of the water in just about every way. I have a 7870 in my rig, it's plenty fast enough for any game out there today at 1080p, mostly at max settings.

Above all, get a better power supply, especially if you do go for a 7870. Get something like this: or

The extra 15 bucks is well worth it. Do NOT get cheap on the power supply. Always buy more than you need.

I love the way the phantom looks and a lot of reviews say its the best bang for your buck, of course my other option (I forgot to mention) was the Cooler Master HAF 912, so I could go witht that as well to save the money for a better GPU.

As for the GPU, the Radeon HD 7850 does seem like it would a better option, so I'll probably go with that.

Thanks for the suggestion on the PSU, I forgot that the PSU is the most important part about future proofing.


Also, what about the CPU? Do you have it or have you used it before? Is getting the Cooler Master CPU cooler a good idea? 

Thanks for helping a noob out lol

I've never used a Phenom II, but from what I've read, they pretty much match any Intel processor in that price range, especially when overclocked. If you do overclock it, you'll definitely want the Hyper 212 cooler. It's one of the top selling items on Newegg for a reason (because it works).

Having a good power supply isn't really about future proofing. A cheap and/or overloaded power supply can be a fire hazard, and would be quite inefficient.

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