My first gaming PC and I would like feedback

I was looking to get a gaming PC around Christmas time, my budget is less than £900 and I have all of the parts picked out, I just wanted to know if there are any better parts for the price. I live in England and most of the parts are from Amazon though some I found on other websites which were cheaper. I already have all the peripherals and am just looking for the pc parts. I don't plan to majorly overclocking any parts nor do I plan on getting watercooling soon.

For gaming I want to always stay above 30fps on games and looking for the high-ultra settings, I will be playing at the resolution 1920x1080 and play a wide variety of games though mainly AAA titles. Now to list the parts:

Case-NZXT Phantom 410 (Black)

Processor-Intel Core i5 3570K

CPU Cooler-Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Graphics Card-Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Toxic

Motherboard-Asus P8B75-M LE

Hard Drive-Western Digital Black 3.5 inch 1TB

Power Supply-Corsair Builder Series CXM 600W Modular 80 Plus Bronze Certified

Ram-Kingston HyperX Black 8GB 1600MHz

Disk Drive-LiteOn IHAS124-04

Operating System-Windows 7

The price this comes up to is £879.94. Thanks for any feedback in advance


you can save around £100. get 

MOBO: Asus P8B75-MLE

CPU: 3570K

the performance diffrence will be around 8 fps. get a gtx 780 with the money leftover or 7970 of you have less

From the websites I found the motherboard and CPU from (Overclockers UK for the MOBO and Amazon for the CPU). I'm apparently only saving £35 :/

8gb is enough. buy a 7970. 780 is also good but also expensive and the 7970 does the job.

and buy a cpu cooler cuz the stock cooler sucks so hard. cpu is 85c on load and that's not really good. hyper evo is like 30$ so 20-25 pounds. or find a better one.


don't know if the mobo is good but asus is the top line for mobo's.

Any recommendations for 7970's which are around the £250 price range? So far I have found a Sapphire HD7970:

Edit: Turns out it's a 7950 :P

you can pay like 5 quid more and get the Direct CUII version quiter and cooler


280x is the same as the 7970 ghz. found one 235 pounds.


in my country (holland) are the 280x cheaper than the 7970. keep in mind i don't know anything about the gpu in the link. it's sapphire but it is way cheaper than the rest so the clocks are a bit lower and cooling isn't the best i think. the direct cuii is pretty good. there are a lot of options for oc and stuff like that but i don't think you need it so you can save some money


ohshit , £195.81 (43%)

asus makes good gpu's so it won't be a crap box and everything is broken.

this one is better than the 280x link i gave.


my country is so funny now, a 280x toxic which is the best oc 280x on the market from sapphire is €289 and that's 244,25 pounds. and on amazon uk it is £549.10. -_-. like wut. i don't know about buying stuff from other countrys but it is half the price. on it is 349$.


i think you should buy a asus or sapphire on sale. that asus 7970 is crazy low price. and wait as long as possible until you see a card on sale that you like and get good reviews. like sapphire and asus and a friend i know has a gigabyte 7970 windforce and it's does the job. so it depends on the card thats on sale and has a good ghz. aim for 1ghz or higher or watch some benchmarks.

i'm buying the toxic 280x because it is really low priced. if it wasn't i bought a other card.

I would suggest finding some room at throw in an SSD, even if its as small one. You can find 100-128GB SSDs for a decent price these days especially if you look  around for sales(holidays are coming up so keep an eye out). Just throw your os and a few games on it and you will see a big difference in load times.

Edited Main post with some suggestions I was given. Decided to go with the R9 280X toxic as it looks amazing for the price I can get it around here (£270). If I have some money left over when I'm building the PC (around christmas time) I will consider getting an SSD. But I don't really care how quick it takes to load. I just want to play the games at a good fps XD

Just a couple thoughts:

Why the K CPU on a B75 mobo? Go with the non-K CPU and save some money. Also, you don't need an aftermarket CPU cooler if you're running a non-K and as long as you have good airflow through your case. 


My only suggestions would be going windows 8 over windows 7. Also if you buy during Black Friday/cyber Monday you might be able to find the 4670k for a cheaper price

i5 3570k

msi z77a-g43

hyper 212

sapphire toxic 280x (nice deal btw)

hdd: whatever you want as long as it is 7200rpm

8gb 1600mhz cas 9 or lower, get the one on sale. 1866 is also good but get the cheapest.

case: i prefer the nzxt tempest 410 (elite)

optic: get the cheapest.

system: go windows or maybe linux. but linux isn't good with games atm.


oc your cpu to 4.0 ghz or higher. hyper evo 212 is the budged OC cooler for most people.


are you sure about i5? fx 8350 is also a good one.

i prefer fx 8350 with a asus m5a99fx and also the toxic 280x €289 (245 pounds lol)

Enermax ETS-T40-TA it is on sale, normally 40$ now it is 15:). but if it wasn't on sale i bought the hyper eve 212.

gskill 1866mhz 2x4gb cas8. ram is pretty expensive in my country sadly and this is one of the cheapest/quality

hdd: wd blue 500gb

ssd: kingston hyperx 120gb. from a build of logan

case: nzxt tempest 410 elite ( elite has a window)

system: i have windows 7 and i don't like it but i need it for games sadly. my friends have linux and it is awesome and buying 2 systems is expensive.