My First Gaming/Editing Rig

Case: Corsair 600T

Cpu: i7 3930k

Gpu: XFX 7970ghz 3gb (I already own the 7970ghz)

MB: Asus P9X79 PRO

Ram:Corsair Dominator 16gb (4x4gb) @1866mhz 

SSD:Kingston HyperX 240gb

PSU:Seasonic X-Series 1050 watts

Cpu Cooling:Corsair H100i

Please give me your thoughts on the rig, and let me know what I could do to make it better. 

Thank you.




For the CPU cooler,you could go with either the NZXT Kraken x60 or a Custom loop,that'd get you a higher OC.

Id try and get some faster ram if you plan on doing any Heavy Editing, and dont get a H100, get either a Large Air cooler or a Custom loop if you really want to push that Processor.

I was thinking about getting Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 16gb (4x4gb) @ 2133mhz.

On the topic of memory, for video editing, get the lowest cas latency possible. The speed of the memory does not have much impact when editing, but the time that the memory can be filled up (cas latency) does effect editing. Personally I would buy a quad channel kit (16 or 32 GB) with a speed of about 1600-1866 MHz and a cas latency of 8 or 9.

Are you planning on getting a storage/export/media drive for editing? Or perhaps another SSD or two for a RAID array? I would reccommend another 240 GB Kingston drive with a 2 or 3 TB 7200 RPM storage drive, the SSD for a raid array and the HDD for media/export drive.

I have a 3tb drive already and I'm thinking about getting a second Kingston 240gb and put them in raid 0.