My First Gaming Build - 1500$

Hello Tek Syndicate! 

Im new around these parts of the website, although I watch the youtube videos very often and finally decided to build myself a PC! Ive had some experience before, but Ive never assembled one myself.

Ive been brainstorming and researching for a while now and came up with this gaming PC! I hope you guys like it and Im looking forward to the suggestions and criticism!


Hey there,

If you want to game, and you'd like more of a future proof rig, I would swap out the i5-3570k for a similarly priced FX-8350 and a motherboard that suits your budget. 

You can probably get rid of the soundcard - most motherboards come with perfectly suitable ones unless you are a sound engineer or something.

The GTX670s are a little pricey for what they are, I'd recommend the 7970 I've included in the build. They are faster and cheaper.

I'd go with a different PSU also as the one you've picked doesn't follow the golden rule of having a nice beefy single 12v rail.

Try the following build on for size, it's similar and price and I think will serve you better. It also includes a decently priced SSD with a nice read speed for loading your OS and favourite games.

Thanks a lot for the reply, Ive been thinking it over and posted this on Reddit as well, I had a suggestion to change the case and get a GTX680. Ive also took some of your advice, here's the updated build.

What do you think of this? Thanks for the reply as well :)

i would get the same thing but change out the 680 for a 7970 ghz edition. And pirate win 7 and save 130 bucks.

Hmm, I'm a bit sceptical about the 7970, Ive always stayed with Nvidia and never been dissapointed. Also I'm afraid of pirating the OS becuase of how many things I can screw up.

I don't think you could go wrong with that build. I recommended the 7970 mostly out of it being less expensive and on paper better than the 670, but if money is no object then go the 680 all the way.

I only use a GTX 560Ti and I've been very happy indeed with it (I just finished some multiplayer Mass Effect 3 at 1080p with everything maxed out and never had frames dip under v-sync 60).

i saved my self alot pirating windows 7 ultimate, the only problem is that it says is aint genuine sometimes but thats fixable. the 7970 ghz is better than the 680 and it is cheaper. the 680 is only better when games use physx and the drivers are more stable.

Thanks a lot for the reply! Now, I have gone a bit over the budget, but do you think its worth to buy a SSD and get a smaller hard drive ?

I think it's a toss up between these two cards really. Here are some benchmarks:

They are either neck and neck or one is better than the other in certain titles. Can't go wrong either way.

As someone already said, who buys OS these days?

If you dont whant to pirate win 7 >_> cheapest oem disc ive seen

Umm, I dont see why you added a monitor, Ive already have one...

That 21"?

Trust me you do not want to game in 1920x1080 with this budget

Didn't your original parts picker have a monitor in it? Just going from memory here...


Grey, it did but it looks like they went with a higher end GFX card and forgot it?

Also, with the list of parts you are getting you don't need to go with a Full case, most mid cases would serve you just fine.  I personally use a HAF 922, however my next build will probably be a Lian-Li with

On cases, at the moment I am recommending the GX700 from Antec. It's ugly as hell, but it's toolless, has a hole behind the motherboard mounting plate for attaching large CPU coolers without pulling out the motherboard, has nice cable management features and most of all comes with three decent fans, two of which are 140mm. It also includes a controller for them (don't be fooled into thinking it's three speed though, it's high, low or off). Another noteworthy feature is cleanable dust filters for the PSU intake and front intake.

All of this for AUD $75? Thank you very much. I've used it on my new build and I'm very happy with it.

Only complaint is that it is pretty loud with the fans on high, but I game with headphones on so I don't really care about that.

Yes it is, two actually :)

It did, but I went down to a thrift shop and got a very good Asus monitor for cheap.