My first ever Pc build

After 5 years of using my 2014 MacBook pro, I’ve decided it’s time to switch camps as anything Apple is offering is way too expensive (although I’ll definitely miss MacOs).
Having no experience and no tech background I’ve set out on this pretty difficult quest and these are the results I’ve ended up with.
I should probably mention as well that I’m from Poland and the prices here are a little higher and the used parts market isn’t really that great.
While attempting to build this I’ve somewhat followed the recent budget 1440p guide from the channel.
I can’t post links, so I’ll just list the components.

[AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor]

[Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard]

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Black 16GB [2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 1.35V DIMM] (Found a great deal on these)

[ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive]

[Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB GAMING OC Video Card]

SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold 750W (SPC169)- PSU


Hey, welcome to the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race…

Great choice for overall gaming and heavy workload performance. It’s not the best in either, but it does the job great in both.

Here’s the thing… B450 will save you some cash and what not and it’s not a bad platform, but it’s a whole build. You may as well go for a lower ish end X570 board… If you really want Gigabyte take a look at X570 Aorus Elite… Yeah, it’s more expensive, but it is 101% compatible. Ryzen 3000 seems to have some quirks when paired with 400 and 300 boards…

ugh… I PERSONALLY hate corsair, so I will no comment…

YES… YES fuck yes. Soooo goooood… I have the 256GB one… So amazingly fast and good…

Not to show my AMD fanboy hat, but you do know 5700 and 5700XT are better price to performance offerings, right? Or are you set on Nvidia…

I’m not familiar with that brand, so I can’t comment on it. All I’m gonna say is 500W will be more than enough to power that monster. 550W Gold will be perfect.
You can easily save some money by going 650 or even 550W and still be in the safe area for power.
Seasonic Focus+ is my very strong recommendation.

What case are you gonna throw this things into? Do you have any additional storage? You don’t want to use your blazing fast NVMe as storage…

Do you have a monitor?

Kurva… That’s all I know :smile:
Viva la Behemoth…

Looks like a really solid build.
I’m unsure on the PSU. Never heard of it. I’d maybe go with something a little more “known”. Plus 750W is probably overkill.

Other than that, well rounded system.
Oh, maybe add more storage. 512G are gone fast with games nowadays. Either a 1TB 660p SSD or a 2-4TB Harddrive maybe.

You are the second person that want’s to recommend X570 for a 3600 Build. Whats up with that? The board will be 200% the price of a great B450 Board with no benefits. There are lots of B450 Boards that support the new CPU’s confirmed by the manufacturer.

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Yeah, about the x570 board, that would really put me above my budget. The site at which I’d be buying the b450 said that this particular b450 pro from gigabyte DOES support ryzen 3000 and they upgrade the bios.


Every board that have a bios update supports the 3000 series. Even my garbage asrock runs 3900X no problems.
Will it run - it will.
Will there be issues - there will be. It’s commonly reported, that 3000 CPU on non 500 boards have some quirks and issues and they need to be dealt with in BIOS… It’s the guy’;s first PC build. I try to save him the issue of dealing with BIOS settings and googling issues with Ryzen 3000, and lord knows there are many…

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I realise that they might be cheaper, but I’m just really afraid of AMD GPUs unreliability and that they might actually cook themselves.
Furthermore these cards aren’t available in Poland yet


I mean, wendell and basically any other guide on new builds atm recommend the older boards for the lower end Ryzens. Not sure though. I’ll order mine in two weeks and since there are no decent X570 mATX boards, i’ll have to go B450. So far, i’ve heard a lot of special Rycen Behavior with the new chips, but non specifically related to 400 Series Boards. And X570 has the same Problems withc CLocks, Voltages and Temperatures etc.

That is not a thing… i see your point, for a while now everyone talks how hot and powerhungry AMD cards are, and they aren’t really out of spec. They are designed to work at those thermals.
I get you, I just would like to tell you that isn’t true at all.

Yeah… The best AMD mATX board is Threadripper Asrock…

It’s a pcie4 controller getting confused of the pcie3 board… Nothing crazy, but there are reports of those issues…

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From what I’m reading online, the b450 pro shouldn’t be a bottleneck or a fire hazard :wink:, and I probably can handle the bios update myself. Even the price of the 470 is basically two fold what the b450 pro would cost me.


I recently came up with this for a friend who does a lot of video editing:

Part Price Note
Ryzen7 3700X 350€
beQuiet Dark Rock 4 60€ Alternatively there is Rajintek, Noctua or Arctic
ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 180€
GSkill TridentZ 2x 8GB 3200Mhz 110€ Can go with lower clockspeed on Ryzen 3rd gen
WD Black NVMe 500GB 120€ Alternatively, the ADATA you got there, or default Samsung
EVGA RTX 2060 6GB 380€ In his case, was for CUDA. 5700 (xt) would be better price/performance
InWin 101 70€ Link Affordable and not bad looking.
SeaSonic Focus Plus Gold 650W 100€ PSUs can kill your PC, don’t buy fire crackers!

Total: ~1370€

Apple switched away from Nvidia for the reason you mentioned (as did Sony and Microsoft).

Neither they are in Germany. I am waiting too.

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Sure but the tests for the 5700 XT really show the insufficient cooling. I’m sorry guys, but running at 110 degrees really isn’t great for a new card.
The saphire pulse seems to fix that tho, but that card is even further away from release than the 5700 xt

I know that’s just a reference build you made for a friend, but that’s way over my budget. I’m going to cheap out on the case and maybe on the ram

Two rules of buying GPUs:

  1. Wait a month until drivers are fixed
  2. Do not buy reference cards (except Vii and RTX series)

Don’t got too cheap on the case (or go used).

Speaking of your budget, about how much are you willing to spend?

I’m a bit familiar with it. Its a local polish brand, that usually has some really interesting units that are also pretty good.
And I’d say that most of what they have is better than most of Seasonic’s lineup :wink:

No, its not. Not with all the faults it has. Remember the Problems with some GPUs such as the ASUS STRIX GTX970??
For example:

That is because of the “VEGA Fix”, wich just increased the Switch off points - on a PSU that isn’t designed for it and then you have too high ripple.
Spec on 12V is 120mV maximum. That’s 2.2 times the norm.

With the strong competition, especially in Europe, there is no reason to recommend it!

A bitfenix Formula slaps the Focus around with a large trout!

And that’s even after nVidia said, that their GPUs only last one year if run at 100% Voltage, when overclocking? :wink:

Around here or so:

While the Ref Cards aren’t great, they are not that bad.
I had one in my System and didn’t get the hate.
Yes, AIB Cards are better and far quieter, but compared to some of the more shittier AIB Cards (Gigabyte HD7970 GHz/280X), Powercolor RX480 Red Devil at Performance BIOS, the 5700XT wasn’t that annoying at higher RPM.

The real Problem is at lower RPM, ~800-1100RPM, there the fan is a bit whiney. THAT is the real issue. Not the 2100RPM…

And yes, I had a Reference RX5700XT :slight_smile:

If the Heatsink of that is something like the X570 Steel Legend, I’d say avoid if possible…

That fan is really annoying…

That looks like the worst Fan design i’ve seen in a long time. How is it even moving air away without an angle at the blades?

Same as the Radeon HD3850 or 4850 or Geforce 8800GT (and many other Single Slot Graphics Cards).
Its a radial fan, not an axial one!
Here a larger version of this fan design:

The real Problem is the noise and where its screwed to!
Meaning the Aluminium block - wich doesn’t have much surface area.
And its getting worse.
The Airflow sucked in by the fan is obstructed…

In short: Its just an awful but expensive piece of Metal…

All of the X570 boards are co-designed by Fisherprice!

A real heatsink for the chipset Fischer ICK PPC 51 for example, is too hard to make, or so mobo-makers want us to believe.

Video on subject:

[quote=“MazeFrame, post:17, topic:146367, full:true”]

All of the X570 boards are co-designed by Fisherprice!

A real heatsink for the chipset Fischer ICK PPC 51 for example, is too hard to make, or so mobo-makers want us to believe.[/quote]
You just need to look at older Boards with the glorious nFOrce 590i or 680i (was there are 690i?) or 780i and also the nForce 4 x32 or how that shit was called as well as nForce 590. The 780 had a different architecture (just the new MCP72 + an nForce 200 PCie switch)…

They should also be in the 40W Range or so and they had some neat Heatsinks.
As well as the higher end x38 and x48 Boards as well.

But that’s not realyl possible today - thanks to those bloody m.2 slots.
Whoever came up with that bloody formfactor needs to be hanged by the balls. Its just stupid. Its predecessor - mSATA was soo much better (=smaller)…
Because 2 Chips were side by side, so the overall lenth was way less…
So with one full lenth (110mm or so) m.2 you can easily fit 2, probably 3 mSATA devices…
and with mSATA you can also more easily use vertical slots that are commonly used for m.2 WiFi Cards (for example on my MSI B450I)…

PS: I want LPX back!
the LPX Formfactor is just soo much better for modern systems!

Definitely x570 with the motherboard or else your just throwing money away. I’d get two of those Nvme’s and raid 0 them , and good quality 850 watt power supply… Something like corsair or seasonic something with a really good warranty… I don’t know what your going to use it for but I personally wouldn’t go lower than a 3700x… I’d also throw in a gigabyte thunderbolt card… Dual channel ddr4 3600 ram cas 16 some cheap good quality kits out there right now…throw in a bunch of ssd’s later on and raid them for extra storage and back up… then the only thing you’d need to do down the road for your next upgrade would be the graphics card… that would be a very fast bullet proof machine at a reasonable price… And you don’t need to do it all at once…Hope this helps a little bit.

Poor sod , most of the advice seems to centre around spending lots of money. Doubtless, if he had it a better cpu etc would ensue.

Oh, on the off chance you might still want to run MacOS/Hackintosh on an AMD see

It’s more relevant for higher end builds now but should filter down