My first Enthusiast build

It's not because AMD costs less that isn't isn't considered enthusiast. It's because they don't even come close to intel's performance in the high end. The per core performance is also pretty low compared to intel's offering. That is why an 8 core AMD is the same price as a 4 core i5, and in many cases the i5 is faster despite having a lower clock speed. : This compares your cpu to an i7 in general applications. : And this is how the fx 8350 compares to an i7. There are a lot more results here, and you need to recognize that your cpu is slower in almost all instances than an fx 8350. : some games...

We aren't trying to bash your system, we are trying to save you from a $1500 mistake. There will be games that your cpu might not be a bottleneck, some games just don't ask very much of the cpu. But we are seeing more and more games that benefit from a lot of cores or high per core performance. At your price point, and with the formfactor you desire (mitx), you need to go intel. For $1500 you would be better off getting a new cpu and motherboard, then investing in a gtx 690 or 7990 if you really need something AMD in your system. If you are trying to build a computer for under $1000, AMD is extremely competitive. When you are trying to build a computer around a r9 295x2, AMD's offerings (least of all an APU) cannot adequately keep up in many games due to lackluster per core performance.


The term Enthusiast in the context of computer rigs is referring to the place it lands on the scale of price and performance. The classes of rigs are as follows: Entry level, Mid Range level, High end level, and lastly the Enthusiast level. At the moment the AMD processors do not hold even a small candle to the extreme i7s or Xeons on the 2011 or server tier sockets, so the rig you have cannot be considered Enthusiast in terms of classification. Nobody is telling you to switch to Intel/Nvidia they are just telling you to not bottleneck your gpu and that you classified your rig wrong. 

AMD has an R9 RAM series out now?! That is interesting and potentially confusing. Have you played with the ram at all?

I like the build and I think it's really neat, but that cable management and HDD mounting is murdering my brain. Please take some time out to fix it. At the very least, swap the ends of the SATA cable and flip the hard drive over. I think Bitfenix even included mounting holes for a 3.5" drive on the bottom of the case. As far as the AMD R9-series RAM goes, I think it looks fantastic and the performance is supposed to be top-notch. The 2133 MHz RAM is also supposed to have an XMP profile for 2400MHz, so that's a nice touch, although it is a little strange to see, as it undercuts their actual 2400MHz kit. I suspect that the 2400MHz kit either has slightly better timings or lower voltages, otherwise there wouldn't be a point to having a premium kit.

As far as the Radeon R9 295X2 goes, feel free to buy it if you want to and cram it in there. I do suspect that, at low clock speeds (slower than 4.5GHz), you may run into a small amount of bottle-necking, but I doubt that will really be too noticeable. I suspect that AMD will keep the FM2+ socket around for another generation, so you might even see the advent of an 'enthusiast' chip on that chipset, who knows? All else fails, it can run the card, even if it bottle-necks, until you can afford to spend even more money to upgrade the rest of the system; but i wouldn't be overly concerned.

Mndless, the picture of the cable management skills i (have lol) is not doing justice. i changed a lot since yesterday. every day almost 3 times a day i have re-wired the entire case. so i will post newer pictures tonight. or for that matter in a few hours. i had been managing the cables to and Fro for hours trying to get it right. i actually have excellent management... Blah blah blah. i will post you will see. (i often find myself talking to much) 

Yes i have. and it is pretty spectacular, it is simply ram. but it is highly convenient to OC to 2666mhz. 

although i do keep it at 2400mhz i really enjoy the ram. the timing is also decent. but it is slower compared to other High end ram like Corsair and HyperX. 

It's a very nice rig sadly I'm also in with AMD so I can't be considered an enthusiast. You need a lot of cash for that. Still a nice setup by far and I'm pretty sure you have one of the nicer computers in your area.


I did it.