My first CS:S Edit (Feedback?)

What's going on you guys, I'm posting this here to hopefully get some feedback. I've never tried editing and Counter Strike footage before and any thoughts on what to improve on would be great. I got a little bored last night when I had a friend over and started doing this. Thanks in advance!

I suggest watching in HD because the original clip was really compressed. Also, I couldn't figure out how to embed the video so you'll just have to click on the link. :)

dude you need to make more videos. your awesome

Fucking fantastic. I hope to see more montage videos like that.

From your other videos I saw, you doing good. You have a nice intro, and you're just being yourself. The only things that I think you improve on is probably speaking louder and turning the background music down just a tad. 

Well I think I will be now :D

I really agree on the audio issues I have. I finally have a new microphone that doesn't pick up everything else in my room, thanks for the feedback :)

I really appreciate the positive feedback guys! :D

I don't usally watch montages but this one was actually quite good.

Thumbs up and sub for the good work.

Thank you sir, I really appreciate it.

I'm gonna be the one to say. I don't like it. I hate it when people try to hide the kill behind effects.

You're missing the point in this. Some people do it to show off their editing skill and the gameplay actually isn't the important part, but for some people they want to display their gameplay more. This edit was about the editing, not the gameplay.

Well in that case I still don't like it. The editing seems overdone. The editing done in this video doesn't make the gameplay look any better, doesn't show off any kind of editing skill. It's just a mess of blur, blinking and odd colours.


The only complement I can give this video is that the audio is synced well with the edits.

This is also his first one.

Thanks, I really appreciate this type of criticism. The only type of editing I find myself liking is waht's considered "Overediting" and that's mostly due to the type of music I listen to.

I'm working on doing some more clean editing where the clips is the main focus as opposed to the editing itself.

I have to say that it was good for a first edit :)