My first computer build

I would like it if anyone who has spare time to examine the parts I have picked out for my computer build. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Looks great, I can't think of anything to change.

if you already have a monitor i would keep the old one. With the money you saved, you could get two graphics cards and bump up the Powe Supply to a 750w.


I would get some Promilatech PK-1 instead of that stuff. Also, a better mouse/keyboard will make the experience much more enjoyable; you wouldn't believe what having a really nice mouse feels like after 6 years of having a stock Logitech mouse. Same goes for the keyboard; once you go mechanical, you never go back :D

Heh, you were the guy with the similar build to mine :D

nice build :)

Thank you all for the advice and input! :D