My first computer build and some questions

I just built my first pc not too long ago. Ive been tinkering around with computers here and there for a little while but never actually put one together from new parts till now. I also found out that using a rubber band to hold the psu cables together was a bad idea because while carrying my computer to my living room one of my cables went next to my gpu fan and broke a blade off when i turned it on. I was wondering if there was any way i could buy just a new fan instead of trying to send it in? Another question i have is what are safe temperatures for motherboards and cpu's? Lastly i would like some constructive critisism on my build so if you wouldn't mind please tell me what you think.

MY Specs

  • Asus Sabertooth 990fx
  • ATHLON II X2 3.2ghz
  • Stock cpu cooler
  • Kingston XMP 8GB 1600MHz
  • Intel X25M MLC 80GB SSD
  • Asus CD/DVD
  • EVGA GeForce GT 640 2GB
  • ULTRA LSP650 650W PSU
  • Gemini Keyboard
  • Gigaware Mouse
  • Tritton 720+ Headset


The GPU fan broke? Can you tell us the model number of your card? Ebay may be your best bet at a possible fan replacement, i have not seen replacement parts for graphics cards for a very long time.

The temps, tells us what kind of temps you are getting right now on your system, HWmonitor is pretty good at that if you need a good temp gauge.

Is the system you listed, it is already with you? Is it a test build to see if improvements can be made?

The model number is 02G-P4-2643-KR. most of my motherboard temperatures dont exceed 40c, the only one that does is my usb3 port which hits about 45c. And yes this computer is the one im on currently. I know there are some aspects of my computer that i should change such as upgrading to a quad core atleast. I should definately invest in a better cpu cooler. As far as the psu im not sure if i have enough power or if i should upgrade that as well.

I can not find any replacement parts for your fan sanitylocker, but what i can recomend is a cheap alternative that may benefit you more then a stock cooler. Accelero L2 Plus Here it is on newegg for $20 with free shipping, this cooler does mean you will have to dissassemble your GPU. If you want we can try and show you video how to guides on that.

I honestly do not have the slightest clue to usb3 temps, but 40c motherboard temps are well within safe especially under load. What are your CPU temps and motherboard temps with a full 100% load?

The Ultra brand power supplies i have no experience with but i have looked at the specs and it does have room for future upgrades that you can do. Quad core no issues with even a 7850 maybe a 7870 is more then possible with that power supply. You have a good motherboard, good ram and a SSD, your system is definitely very flexible for future upgrades if you so which to do them.

If the blade is removable try taking it to an appliance parts store. I say this because they have all kinds of fan blades for evaporator fan motors that they just might be able to match up for you. Go through your yellow pages and see if there are any used computer stores such as the Epilepsy Society because I know some of them refurbish computers and might have the fan blade with the correct pitch, shaft diameter, and blade size to fit.  

I will try my local hardware first and if not ill buy an aftermarket cooler. I just ran my rig using prime for 20 minutes and here were my readings.

  • cpu: 52c
  • mb: 43c
  • vcore1: 47c
  • vcore2:42c
  • nb: 48c
  • dram: 45c
  • usb 3.0:35c
  • 2 usb 3.0: 48c
  • pcie1: 38c
  • pcie2: 37c

Those temps look really good sanitylocker, what fan configuration do you have on your case?

Im only running one fan which is exausting out of the back.

Maybe play around with some fan configurations and see if you can get the temps to your liking. Add a fan on the side panel to pull more heat out of the system, maybe add one in the front to pull in more air. Your temps to me personally are fine(i wish i had those temps!), ofcourse there is always ways to lower them, which means you will need to spend some money.