My first build

Heyo this is my first ever build and I would appreciate some feedback on it

My budget is under 2k I like the asus strix video card, and the the nzxt h440. I also already own windows 7.

I want to get into overclocking and from what I've seen the kraken is good but is it too much?

I play games like FPS, RPG ,JRPG and MOBAS

I already have a keyboard and mouse and looking at the Korean 4k monitor that Wendell reviewed( Honestly I just want a good monitor thats around the same size doesn't have to be 4k, it can be 1440p.

Hey there...
Obviously money are not the issue here. I will skip AMD/Nvidia war and go to the thing i cannot just skip.
Color coordinate this thing a little bit dude.
H440 red and black and red Fury ram will be perfect fit for this red and black motherboard and that red and black videocard. And if you really want to be color perfect - 4 sticks of ram - 2 black and 2 red.
Also, the black WD is kind of an pointless. The blue gives basically the same performance.
Leaving my personal issues with some manufacturers aside, its a really nice machine.

Thank you for the response

I will most likely switch to the red and black now that I imagine everything in its place and for the black WD I just chose any WD and as for the 4 ram sticks isn't it better just to have two instead of 4 or is it just for the the aesthetic of the board?

Awesome build! I have nearly the exact same set up other then I have the i7. I think you will be very happy with this! I agree with the other guy about the colour coordination

At that budget I'd defo throw in that 400GB intel NVMe PCIe SSD, go skylake and get a nice AIO.

If you were going to be streaming and such I might cut down on a few things and get the 6700k though.

RAM's cheap as chips and if you find 8GB isn't enough you can always get some more. A monkey could install it, too.

The H220-X beats the X61 (source)

EDIT: 6700k option:
(1TB WD Blue HDD, Zotac AMP 980 Ti and a 650W semi modular rosewill 80+ Gold PSU and obviously a 6700k instead)

Do they even make 40 inch 1440p displays? Gimme a second on the build

I kind of agree with that. The speed will be about the same, but the feature list is HUGE on Skylake platform.

Purely for the aesthetic reasons. You may get 1% performance impact, but you will never knew it was there if you don't benchmark for it.

I don't agree with that. Yeah, the speed is nice to have, but even I rarely need it,and I am recording, editing and rendering. And I am doing just fine with low end Sata 3 ssd.

Could you explain the skylake features stuff or link me a video of some sort. I'm not the best of these things. I would greatly appreciate it

Short answer is: the mobos have more connectors for stuff, most of them have USB3,1 type something, DDR4, that is becoming a standard now and it's not just for the highest end X99 2011 stuff, etc. Check out some of the Tek Syndicate videos about Z170 chipset and Skylake. It is a bit more expensive for the performance, but it gives a lot of upgradeability, because of all the extra connections the mobo's having.
You can get an M.2 ssd and save yourself an extra Sata connection if you ever need more storage, the higher end boards have PCIe slot support, that will help alot, and you can get a bit cheaper gpu like Nvidia's own 980 or R9 Fury but get rich feature list.
I am not terribly familiar with Skylake for the reason that 6700K and decent mobo cost more than my entire system, but still.

They're on skylake regardless, other build's with a 6600k. The upgrade'd only be worth it if they're using the PC for particular things. There's a topic of questions that'd be fantastic to have answers to as it really helps working out what's best for you, here (HYPERLINK). It'd be helpful to have answers to these as computers are tools, and can be used for many things. You could essentially end up being recommended a jack hammer when you're wanting to cut down a tree.

About the 4 sticks of RAM, I wouldn't, leave at least half your DIMM slots empty so you can more easily upgrade later.

The whole point of having an SSD is the faster boot times for most people, and that NVMe SSD'd kick ass at it. If you can think of anything better to spend the extra cash on, feel free to suggest it. Only thing I could think of would be to go for SLI 980s instead of a single 980Ti and dropping the HDD to a 1TB WD blue and SSD to a 500GB 850 EVO.

One, still undocumented but proven feature (meaning: we know it works but just now how) is inverse hyperthreading. This means in a single threaded situation the CPU gives the cache allotment of one unused thread to the working thread which increases the performance on the thread. Yielding in the extreme case (6700K vs 4790K, single threaded fluid dynamics calculaiton) a factor of 2.4 of acceleration from the haswell to skylake. But Intel is not telling much about it, probably saving it for a big announcement.

As of now this seems to work only in certain single threaded applications. Somewhat like a car that goes twice as fast if it's only you inside and the road is shaped in a certain way. It's faster on any road than your old car was but not twice as fast.

Inverse hyperthreading, you say. Sounds like that could work wonders. Crikey.

The original build is with 4690K, not 6600K
I agree about the speed, but my cheep ass SP900 boots 7 Ultimate 64bit for around 11-12sec. So booting for 5 seconds will not really help me. Especially when there may be no need for this at all. Yes, it's lightning fast ssd,
I am guessing the correct questions is, is the machine aimed only at gaming? If yes, then this ssd is pointless in my opinion. If there is gonna be some productivity involved, than yes, this devise will have an impact.
And about the ram - I already said color coordination only.
The argument is tiresome. We may argue, but it all depends on what the author needs actually.

Meh, tbf I'd rather get the 980 SLI rig than the 980Ti + NVMe SSD. My 840 EVO's fast enough for me. Not like I'm waiting over 15s for it to boot anyway. Probably the better option. That's subjective though. Depends if the OP values the extra speed over the extra gaming performance.

Yes, it could work wonders for single threaded Apps. But we'll see more about that later.

As we speak Intel announced pricing and versions of non K i5, i3 and i7:

I wonder what will be our next i5-4460?

I mainly just want to play games on this computer and some light documentation for my father and myself other than that mostly gaming. I would like better gaming performance over extra speed.

Ye in that case I'd something like this'd do great. What resolution monitor you got though? This'd be super ott for a 1080p panel or such. Would want 4K for this...

I don't have a monitor, I'm looking for a good 1440p, I just saw the asus rog pg278q and it looks cool I guess

Nah, for that price I'd get the A399U. Very nice korean 4K panel that's cheaper than what you mentioned, there's a huge topic about it here full of loads of people that have bought it. Here (HYPERLINK).
If you've got SLI 980s, they should hold up alright at 4K. Kyle from awesomesauce got some awesome numbers with his SLI 980Tis in his hotline build, the 980s shouldn't be too far behind those if you get a good OC out of them.

If I may enter the conversation again, have you considered 295Х2 with a freesync monitor?
It will be cheaper and you will get about the same performance, as well as the freesinc monitor, that is... Freesync. Are you keen on Nvidia? If you are, my argument is pointless, if not you can wait for FuryX 2 if you wish a bit more performance...