My First Build :)

Wow. Clean cable management, high end components, clean cable management, a rough idea of how air supposed to flow through the case according to ATX standards, clean cable management, cool looks....

If we suppose my first build is a VW Golf, this thing's equal to a Jaguar XJ220 (my first build was in a box that was originally meant for croissants, used 7 year old - at the time - components, and was generally jury rigged to work somehow).

Nice job ! I did my first build about a year ago and just finished my second so I could have a tiny lan machine crammed with power . I am 49 by the way so you are way ahead of a lot of us! 

Awesome build! Am about to start my second build once the parts arrive, hopefully next week. My only criticism would be those fans i know they come with the coolers etc but i just don't like the colour of them.

Great Build, your cable management is nice and organized; good job! ;D

Nice build!  You did a great job on the cable management, as a lot of others have said.  It is clean and uncluttered.  I also like the colour scheme.