My First Build :)

Nothing too fancy but it took me roughly a year and half of saving every penny from my after school, minimum wage job (highschool student) to build this baby. It turned out just like I wanted and there's a strong sense of satisfaction that comes with that! :D

Also, uploading pictures on here is a nightmare! My apologies for the double post

Component list:

  • Intel i7 4770
  • Asus Gryphon z87
  • Kingston HyperX Black 8gb
  • EVGA Gtx 770 SC Dual Bios 2gb
  • Corsair Force SSD 60gb
  • WD Black 1Tb
  • Noctua U9B SE 2
  • Creative X-Fi Titanium HD sound card


Other stuffffs:

  • Sennheiser PC360 Gaming headset
  • Sennheiser HD598 headphones
  • Corsair K95 Mechanical Keybaord
  • Corsair M65 Mouse
  • Corsair MM200 Extended mouse mat
  • Asus VS247H 23.6'in monitor


Good job! you did not just build it, you EARNED it.  You are already off to a better off than a lot of us.

This rig puts mine to shame lol. Theres no way I will post picks of my internals. My wire management is terrible it looks worse than a rat's nest. Anyway, great job dude!

Haha you should see the rat nest that sits behind my other side panel! Thank you :)

Thanks! and thanks for the feedback!

I have a non modular power supply and no back panel to hide wires. I have the extra power wires shoved into the 5.25 inch bays. The rest of the wires are hooked up, and zip tied in a way so that they aren't hitting any fans. That is the extent of my wire management lol. 

Great build!  Congratulations I know that feel.  I'm also a high-schooler with a minimum wage job!  

I'm pretty sure 90% of Tek Syndicate earned their computer.

Why have a sound card or an i7?

I got the sound card to ensure I would get the most of my Sennheisers but, I will admit, I do regret buying it because the audio improvement was minuscule. However, I got a great deal on it on Ebay and returning it wasn't worth the hassle. As for the i7, I was on the fence about the i7 and K version i5. I wanted the i7 for the future proofing, hyper threading, and of course, bragging rights BUT ended up getting it due to an ebay deal where I got both the i7 and my mobo for $320 . Looking back, I wish I would have gotten the K version i5 instead with a cheap mobo. Meh, noob mistakes!

That is an incredibly cool looking build, good work!

very nice, good solid part selection you cant go wrong with seasonic x series and noctuas 

Wow, that's an awesome rig! :) Quality part everywhere.

I see you went complete overkill and fitted fans everywhere :P

woops double post

Such a waste of computer case space and those expensive Noctua fans are pointless unless you do heavy overclocking/ water-cooling

that looks chill

I like noctua fans and got them all $45 on ebay so they aren't pointless nor were they a very big waste :) The case was chosen with other parts in mind (full ATX board Asus sabertooth with 760's in dual sli). However, after getting a great deal on ebay for both my cpu and mobo together for $320, plans changed and I had already ordered my case.

I fully understood there would be negative criticism when posting this but for too much space and fans? lol

I just realized how smart Noctua is with their color scheme. It might be "dreadful" and never really fit with many case color schemes, but you know INSTANTLY what fans they are just by that beige. No huge logo needed, just oh hey beige and brown, Noctua. Then comes the "oh wow" factor as we all know they are uber expensive and are a sign of amazing quality. (I use a NH-d14, it's a monster)

Random thought aside, nice new setup man. Looks nice and clean, also good choice playing titanfall! Game is so much fun. Lets play some? 

Nice job! The cable management is really neat

Very impressive and very clean desk! I've never managed to keep my PC clean along with my desk always full of routers, wires, and other such items. So kudos to you for keeping it clean.


Took me a year of saving with a full time job so I know what it's like to finally have it done. Sadly mine needs some more upgrades to keep up with what I do. Not just overclocking and gaming but programming routers, more USBs, and so forth. Wish they made a gaming/server like motherboard. Would make my day.