My first build

I'm building my first PC, I have a budget of about £420. I've put together this build: , along with this case : .

Firstly, I want to know if everything is compatible with each other.

Secondly, what improvements can/should I do by staying inside the budget range?

Thank you for your time.

looks good to me, anything that could be added is an SSD or a CPU cooler like CM Hyper 212 evo.

I approve this build :)


Thanks. I've been told that the Fractal Design psu only has 1 x 6+2 pci-e connector and the R9 270X requires 2 x 6 pin pci-e connectors. So should I change the PSU? PCPartpicker doesnt show any incompatibilities.

 This build is a little over, but this is a motherboard that you could overclock with and the case is included. This will be good enough for now and you can overclock it later after you get an aftermarket heatsink for improved performance. 

The Corsair CX600 is a great option. All the connections you need, one 12V rail, 80+ Bronze certification and decent quality.

I'm not sure about in the UK but here in the States they can be had for cheap.

I'm not sure the site will pick on incompatibilities like that. It may even assume you'll just use a molex to PCIE adapter.


Cheaper(added the case at the bottom)

Better quality power supply, Cheaper GPU(it's an underclocked 270X, everything else is the same).  GPU has one 6 pin connector, and PSU has a single 6+2 pin connector.  Most GPUs come with two molex->PCIe connectors as well, so you should be fine.

Won't I be facing any problems with the 270?

This Is BOSS. It trades some Cpu for some MO GPU, Everything you could want for a basic gaming build Nice mobo 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 Two of those bitches for upgrade ability And a sweet 280 You'll be gaming at 1080P+ With Great Fps. AM3+ is dead anyway so I suggest FM2+ Hope you love it.

Thanks - that looks great. I just don't know if I should be getting a processor this cheap. Should I?

Plus, pcpartpicker shows some incompatibilities, Please check them out.

One is you have to remove some hardrive bays for the case No big deal, You have more in there you only have to remove one rack. And the case doesn't have front panel USB 3.0 That blows.(its because you live in the UK) They sell them here with Usb3.0 And watch some of Austin Evans on Youtube about the 760K its Basically a AMD APU with 4 cores and the Graphics disabled. But at your price range it doesn't matter. you'd be happier Spending that money in the GPU.

There are removable drive bays in the case.  You'll have to remove the top bays to put in that GPU, since it's a bit long.

Nope.  The performance difference is only a couple of FPS.

+1 this build for the budget. You can't really overclock on the motherboard, but I dont think that matters on this budget. Just use the system until you are ready for a complete system upgrade.

Well, thanks. Won't I be facing any noticeable lack of performance with the 760k?

And will this case : do the job?

Im not sure if it supports mATX But If it does it should be a nice fit.

Well, the last thing. So will I get better performance with the FX-6300 + R9 270 or should I get the Athlon X4 760K + R9 280?

So will I get better performance with the FX-6300 + R9 270 or should I get the Athlon X4 760K + R9 280?

So will I get better performance with the FX-6300 + R9 270 or should I get the Athlon X4 760K + R9 280?

Keep the FX and go for R9 280

The athon II x4 760k + R9-280 is better on this budget. Since you are on a strict budget and wont be overclocking, this will work better for you.

The motherboard I had recommended with the 6300 would let you overclock to get more PC performance, but Teajam is correct that graphics power is most important in games. The 760k won't bottlenet the R9-280, so that is the best choice. 

I would keep this system until you plan on doing a complete system upgrade. The only thing I would upgrade is getting an SSD at some point as a boot drive.