My first build

I have a 1000 budget for a gaming PC and i have been thinking about:

All parts here:

GPU:GigaByte GV-N670OC-2GD

PSU:Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2

SSD:Samsung MZ-7TD120BW SSD 840

HDD:Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Case:Zalman Z11 Plus

RAM:Corsair Vengeance - Memoria RAM DDR3 (PC1600, 8 GB, CL9), 2 x 4 GB


CPU cooler:COOLER MASTER Ventirad Hyper 212 EVO

CPU:Intel BX80637I53570K

I was wondering if the PSU was good enough as i will try to OC in the future. Also i am not sure if the GPU will fit into the case (the case is about 1cm larger i think but i am not sure). I have seen a lot of people spending much more money on the motherboard, the one i have chosen is cheap and has all the basic stuff, so why does everyone get expensive ones? Is there something i am missing? Also tell me if there are any incompatibilities and all that stuff.

Apart from that, i have 200€ to spend on a mouse, keyboard and monitor. I have found a Samsung S22B300H monitor for 140, but if there is a better one that fits into the price range let me know. I was also thinking about a Razer Deathadder mouse but it looks overpriced, so i am not sure. I cant see the difference between gaming keyboards and regular ones, so i thought about going for the cheapest keyboard out there.

In most cases the prices are 1€=1$, so there is no need to convert anything.

yes it is plenty

Thank You?

psu = good choice

gpu = will fit comfortably.

mb = you would be surprised how well this motherboard will perform. you should still get a decent overclock out of the 3570k thats for sure. higher end motherboards have better caps, mosfets, some have twice the silicon, better power phasing, better cooling, its mainly for overclocking - little things like mem ok buttons, advanced bios tuning abilities - llc etc.

hope it all works out for ya champ.


Basicly the same build as mine.

It will work great, no compatability issues.

GPU will fit fine within that case

Ram will not have any height clearance issues

Looks all good and ready to go. Good Luck!

Well thanks to all of you! I am buying this today!!

A suggestion I would say is if you have the money, get a bigger SSD, I amguessing the 60GB SSD will be your boot drive?

I dont think i need a bigger one.

I have a 60GB one and the OS takes up half of it, and I only have 10GB yet. I wish I go a bigger one.

Ok right now i was about to get the PC but i saw an Hd Radeon 7970 XFX Double Dissipator edition (which is cheaper) and i just dont know which one of the cards get mainly because of the bigger power consumption of the 7970 and because i dont know if my board will support a big OC (this is a must for this card, right?), and i have read that the new AMD drivers are great and boost the performance on a lot of games but it doesnt release drivers as regularly as Nvidia... So should i go with this card or with the one i have chosen?