My First Build 


Budget £600


I'm happy with the build. I do not want to overclock. My question is will everything fit into the case?

If you have any suggestions on new builds feel free to post. 

I think everything will fit into the case just fine, only you might want to look into the CPU cooler since I am not sure if it will fit, by the looks of it it will just about fit in there without hitting the GPU but it's better to be safe then sorry.

the cpu cooler will fit, but you have to chance the memory, to low profile models, (low heat spreaders)

cause the fan coffers the first ramm then you wont probably able to install those modules in slot 1/3, but ofc you can also install them in slot 2/4 thats also dual channel that doesnt make sense.

or chance the fan it self, from the right to the left side of the cooler, thats also possible, but then you may also turn around you back exhaust case fan.

And i can personaly advice to chance the motherboard, to M5A97 R2.0. has a littlebit more feutures. (but it still isnt a good oc board, but you not plan to oc so that doesnt make sense)

Would the AMD stock heatsink be a viable option since i am not overclocking? If not I could get the Xigmatek Loki. I have decided to go with the Asus M5A97 R2.0. purely for the USB on the front. Thanks angel... 

I use the stock amd cooler my self, on my AMD FX8350 and i must say, the cooling performance to mee, seens realy good. if you have a good overall airflow in the case.

the only thing, wenn you gonne do gaming, then the cooler gets realy noisie. but  i never got the FX8350 over 45 degrees with full load on prime.. ofc i didnt testing it for hours long on prime. but in the mainthing  the stock cooler isnt realy that bad, only it makes a bad noise on full load.

idle temps.

idle temps, wenn i gonne game or run prime it gets up to a 41/45 degrees never got it higher then that. Notice that my bedroom temperature was also arround 22/23 degrees.

2600 rpm on idle O_o i bet it sounds like its going to take off when you game

yes thats what i said, its getting realy noisie, wenn you gonne game, its like an airplane :P