My First Build (FX 8350, R9 280X)

I'd appreciate some feedback and I'll be updating with any issues/observations after I spend a couple days playing on it.  Here's the link to the pcpartpicker completed build page. I'll warn you ahead of time of some giddiness in the build summary (this is my first ever rig so deal with it).

Also a special thanks to Logan and everyone at Tek Syndicate. Watching the show for over a year now played a huge role in getting me into PC gaming and the Tek's How-to-build-a-PC video is the best on youtube.

Well done on you first build, How did you find it?

Feedback is you have built a great rig and have shown you have been paying attention and have put in the research into your parts which is nice to see as most people just slap them together and don't understand why they are buying that part.

IMO the only two parts I would have changes is I would have gone for the 8320 and I would not have put in an optical drive.

You also have some nice upgrades you can do in maybe 6-12 months such as a cooler and maybe a asus fx990 sabertooth board r2.0 if you where going to get into overclocking.

Great rig tho


The m5a97 wont last long with an 8350, either drop down to a 6300 or so grab a better board - (990fx). I would double check that the cm case will support the gpu length.

No real need in buying fast ram either if you can get 1600 or so cheaper.

I have made a build with a 280x gigabyte and wanted to buy an fx8350 but I decided to go with an i5-4670k probably because of the power draw. Let me know some benchmark and fps in games maxed out and we shall roughly compare the diffrences between the haswell and the old bulldozer. I'm really intrigued on what I missed out on.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. what do you mean the M5A97 won't last? As far as temps, the 8350 hasnt ever gone over 50C under load.

benchmarks coming soon.