My First build (Australia)

Hey guys, This is honestly my first attempt at building a PC, and i know as much about Hardware as...well the basics.


After watching a video on a AMD FX-8350 on tek syndicate i wanted to make a computer with that as my base, but now my friend took a look at a build i was going to work off of but now hes confusing me telling me this intel core is better, My Budget is..basically 1 part a fortnight so it'll take time and i'll probably have all the parts around December (I hope)

 (Also yes this is going to be a gaming PC.)

Please give me some feed back or i may revert back to the original build i was going to go off of  either:


Heres my build:


obviously the intel one is better, but it's nearly double the cost, do you have a budget in mind?

Please get a stick of 8 gb memory ram because it's gonna be much more easier to expand your memory ram in the future

valid point, but then he can't take advantage of dual channel with just one stick, and being able to upgrade to 16GB should be enough unless he is doing some very serious video work.

well as a budget builder [i'm on the same stage as you] intel is better but AMD is not "That" bad, and in this case go for the Intel, because is 1 dolar away from tne AMD, choose an ITX motherboard [if you won't use an SLI bridge], and yes the other parts are perfect, just thonk in what you want, and what you'll do in the future with that build, because if you sit down and start thinking what you want and plans for the future you'll see that you can put away some stuff that right now you wont use. :D

My budget is probably up to 1,500$ I am not quite sure. As i said i will be just buying one of these parts a Fortnight so i can hopefully have them all by December. so thats roughly 1-300$ A fortnight (2 weeks.)

Thanks for the input :) And you think i should switch Motherboards? (I honestly have no idea what an SLI bridge is.)

This is going to be both my Gaming PC (Exclusive for games, so no downloading or saving anything else) And my "Hobby" PC, i read somewhere that 16gb of ram is overkill and honestly i don't edit video's or anything major (Probably Second life is the only thing that eats up my Memory when i wanna talk to my friends lol)

I'll be getting the case this friday and i am excited honestly, can't wait :)

you can change the Motherboard to an ITX or M-ATX for the moment, just for the beginning, i bought an Asus H87I-Plus ITX Motherboard because right now i won't do any SLI or Crossfire [when you use 2 or more cards together working like 1], and later i'll switch my Motherboard, for a Sniper M or a Asus ROG.

May be in the future i'll do SLI, but for a Start and a beginning on the learning curve i think that a ITX or M-ATX Mobo will be just fine, and in that way you save some money of the mobo and you can use that Xtra in another thing, or saveit for a better mobo later :D

Remember that in the beginning you need to start a little slowly, and then start to run [thats what my seller told me when i was going to buy a Gigabyte Sniper 5 and just 1 card with no plans for a SLI bridge, because i doesn't know all that info so i was able to safe a lot of money that i'll use in a SSD :D 

Alright i'll read up on this tonight and hopefully Umart sells something like that :)

good luck then, and remember that if in a near future or in the future you want to upgrade from an ITX or M-ATX mobotu a ATX or Full ATX you should buy a case that supports that, Good luck :D