My First Build $500. What do you think?

did you buy it already?

this is a build I made for the gaming portion of this thread

this should be a bit better than your build

would you like some advice where you could have done better?

I have not bought it yet and I'm open to advice

well lets start off with what you did right, the HDD and Ram choice was spot on, good job

I really wouldn't go with that particular brand of cases,further than that it doesn't offer very many features such as bottom and top fan mounts, and it has a top mounted PSU, bottom mounted is much better, it also doesn't have very good cable management options either

as for the CPU, it gets the job done but there are much better bang for the buck options such as the 6300

I personally only trust ASUS and some asrock boards only if they are high quality and I've read all the reviews seeing if its DOA prone or other issues, you can get a asus board with better quality for the same price

while cosair is not a bad brand at all they are not the best bang for buck brand, beyond that 600w is way overkill for that system, you can run a 7970 and a 8350 off a 630w PSU so this 530w will be sufficent and have a rather wide upgrade path, I favor the rosewill Green/Fortress/Capstone/Tachyon series for both the high qaulity and affordability (i've used over 60 of these personally)

GPU choice was okay but because of unoptimized choices above you were forced to get a cheaper slower GPU

also ALWAYS check a couple parts down the list even though it may be bit more expensive, becuase newegg has combo deals and promo codes that might out wheigh that small price increase


for a build that's better see my above post incase you missed it. I hope you enjoy you budget PC

Thanks for all the advice! The only reason i chose the 600W was because of the heavy discount and knowing i could use it through upgrades. The only problem i have with the build you recommended was that the MoBo only supports up to 8GB of RAM...

This could fix my problem