My Extremely Ghetto, Jerry Rigged LAN PC

I decided to make a LAN rig using my old parts and this is what it has become. I had to do some minor modding to the motherboard to make the video card fit, like cutting off the parallel port. (I used side cutters and ripping motions) And I had to cut a bolt off the heatsink so it will only have 3 screws holding it down. I will post more pictures when it is in the crate that I have choose for its case.

Heres a spec list

MOBO: HP dc5750 micro BTX motherboard

CPU: AMD athlon 64 x2 4000+

RAM: 4GB assorted flavors (4x1gb sticks)

HDD: Seagate barracuda ES 750 GB

Optical drive: unknown brand 

Fans: 1 120mm and 1 90mm

Case: Blue Plastic Milk crate I found in my garage with plywood supports

PSU: 300 watt powersupply that smells funny and has black stuff coming out of it that my friend randy gave me.

This thing will pull 290 watts according to the power calculator online so it will be pretty impressive if it works.

looks like a house fire waiting to happen.

You would honestly be better off buying a $600 Laptop running a GT 540 or similar GPU. 9800 GT though an amazing card back in the day just does not have the horse power for most 3D games now days not to mention arg. The whole setup hurts. You really are better off biffing the mobo and CPU and use the GPU as a coaster like a normal Tek Syndicate Minion

No wonder why it looked weird to me, it's a BTX motherboard! I thought I was going crazy for a second.

buying a $600 Laptop

yeah cause we are all made of money.......

well its up and running and it smells extra crispy but worst comes to worse ill get to roast some marshmallows and enjoy a beautiful house fire. Here are some crappy pics of the semi-finished product, I have to do some cable management least to say.

Getting shit done. That PSU description made me chuckle.

I honestly can not believe that it even booted. This is possibly the most ridiculous build in existence but hey its gonna play the games I want it to play perfectly. And once I get stuff screwed down properly its going to be extremely portable, even has handles. 

You going to lug the CRT with it? I remember doing that shit. My monitor was bigger then my PC. I want one again, but I am still haunted by all that flickering.

No the crt was just for testing, I have a 15 inch lightweight lcd monitor that im going to use. I might even mount it to the side of the crate. 

OWE MAI GAWT I my long lost ghetto broda hath been found. I just bought a evga 9800 gtx+ like you have. It was $10 and gives the r7 260 a run for its money. I would suggest 2 rolls of duct tape some styrofoam and 2 cheezit boxes instead of a milk crate as it would be sturdier smaller and you could make it a positive pressure setup which would definitely help with the cooling. If you can, I would suggest taking apart and cleaning the psu. I used to run my rig w/ a gtx 280 off of 3 dell psu's. the lights in the room would dim when I played the pc.  Just remember who the real ghetto master here is.

Im pretty sure A milk crate is sturdier than cardboard and duct tape. And Its running cool as is so it works fine for me. And as for cleaning the psu thats more than likley a good idea but I like to live on the dangerous side and knowing that your computer has the chance of combusting at any moment is right up my ally

I tried something similar with a box that I cut a hole into for the IO lol

+1 for creativity! 

This gave me a good laugh thanks for sharing. I love it! looks like something I threw together years ago after cannibalizing three dead PCs that were lying around my house, except instead of a milk crate I screwed the motherboard to a cereal box.

It gave me a good laugh building it, sewing a motherboard to a cereal box sounds pretty amazing.

I built something like this over the summer with an OC'd Pentium 4, 8gb (of 2gb Sticks) of ECC DDR2 that I had ripped out of some old servers (I had 12 Dell Precision 470's at one point), two 8800gt's that I bought off craigslist with some other parts for $20, Two 3.0ghz single core Xeons (from 2 of the servers), the best mobo from my stack of servers, and all stuffed in old white gateway case (that in my opinion is sexy as all hell). Next time I go home i'll take some pictures of the thing and post em... It wasn't the best for gaming but I was always the host at all the LANs that I went to. We call it "Mother Superior"

I was a kid when I did it, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. But parts and wires just fit together and I filled every slot I could find and plugged it in, and booted up a hard drive that had windows 2000 on it lol. I didn't do much with it after that, because I was more of an outdoors kinda kid. 

This build would be perfect with pinwheels on the sides as spinners.



..Just kidding, its pretty good for a scrap build.

I think teksyndicate should have a game for this, instead of 'will it blend' we could call it 'will it post'

brownie points for anything agp/isa era :D