My extension + more extension ideas

I have been working on a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight text and search for it on amazon through the context menu.
I was looking for a solution like this for when I want to quickly look up a price in a "top ten" or review site. I couldn't find anything so I made this.

I would be infinitely grateful if I got some feedback/feature recommendations/bug reports

I am also looking for more ideas for chrome extensions or web services. Please tell me any problems that could be solved. I am on break for a few months and am looking to make as much stuff as I can.


On one hand, it's pretty slick.

On the other, it needs access to "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit".

Does it really need to be able to do that? I mean, I'd suppose so to have that slick side-panel pop up. Or to even add the context menu.

Personally, I'd prefer an option to have the search results just open in a tab with Amazon upon clicking the context menu item if it meant not giving the extension those permissions. Though I'm not sure what it takes to make the context menu item appear.

Just my 2 cents. I like it conceptually though. Very useful.