My experience with Windows 10 so far

In a previous post I worried about Windows 10 and the security issues in data mining.
I turn off almost everything except the telemetry and the one drive. The only problems I seem to have was with the Wi-Fi PCI e-card but all it did was run driver install software and it automatically repair the problem.

So far everything runs smoothly and I don't seem to be having any problems. I still use my Firefox like I usually do and my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is running smoothly as I write this.I have noticed that my cyber link power director cannot use the hardware accelerator in some settings. So I'm going to have to update to the newest video editing software.

I do share everyone's concerns about Windows 10 ,and I hope there's no other issues besides the ones known.

I have had no issues so far either aside from the scrolling function of the touch pad on my desktop not working.

Can you elaborate more on specifically what you did turn off.....


This video explains about what most of what I turned off.
Things I didn't mess with was MS-DOS, telemetry, and disabling one drive.How to turn off things in Windows 10

Warning, this guy likes to hear himself talk lol.

So far the only issue I have ran into, so far only once, is it wouldn't switch sound output into my headset or between monitors. A restart fixed it...For now.

I just went back to windows 8.1 pro. i just don't feel good with this windows 10.

Here is mine. Window 10 is 80 percent spyware,adware, and DRM. The other 20 percent they couldnt be bother to actually design a decent gui. You have no control over updates or what they decide to add or take away. It refuses to allow my tools and browser of choice for defaults and sometime even to install at all.Upside once you hack the crap out of it, It does run decently. In the end ? I have violated terms of services and they can wipe my system at any time after they pick through all my files and figure out what it is they can use against me. THE REAL TAKE ON WINDOWS TEN THAT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT !!!!!!! End Rant. Linux is looking pretty good. :)

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good rant! I have been looking at Linux myself but i can't get ubuntu to install off a usb drive without crashing. If there are better Linux out there let me know.

You might head over to the LInux section of the Forum and check out some threads.

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Windows 10 is... Windows. The entire os might as well be called malware. You don't have the control that you do with other operating systems. It's to the point where it no longer makes sense to run for anything besides gaming and that will eventually change.

I really like windows 10. It's really well optimized and runs great. I don't run any of the special stuff like cortana or one drive and pretty much just use it as I've always used windows. The only quirks I've experienced so far is that disabling UAC, which I hate, disables the ability to run Modern apps all the way down to the calculator. Like, WTF. Also, there was some sort of group policy change in the minimum level of authentication that windows requires when connecting to SMB file servers. So my file share no longer works with Windows out of the box, I had to perform some registry tweaks.

What can you expect from a for-profit company and closed-source software. The model for online revenue generation has been like that for a long time, and it's only going to go up from here. People simply aren't going to pay ~$300 for software anymore and believe it or not Microsoft actually jumped on the boat at the right time on this one. Phones are just as bad too, of course Google is collecting the fuck out of your data on Android, and iOS and OSX are on their way as well.

If you want to avoid it you better be using linux and ditch your internet connection. Oh yea, no phone either.

You forget that there is a certain degree of privacy everyone is entitled. Did you read what's been posted? The EULA? I don't think so. There's a point when enough is enough.

You shouldn't have anything to hide, but at the same time I don't go around asking people about everything occurring in their life. Windows does. Windows is a stripper (did I type that lol)

It's implied when you purchase a product that you're supposed to read all terms associated with it. Obviously people don't and MSoft is gaining on that. For those that do, don't use it. (I have read it btw).

Sorry for the saltiness but my annoyance was in the fact that your post was for the most part off-topic and unrelated. Although you weren't the first, nothing you posted really hit on any of the points OP was asking for.

There already have and will be plenty of topics as well as an entire Tek bashing on the privacy issues in 10.

*Edit: I suck at typing.

It was relevant. The OP wanted to know everyone's experience with Windows 10. I just pointed out that it was even more locked down than previous releases with security and privacy concerns.