My experience with nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Mate

Hi all,

I have joined the linux users community four months ago. It has been an interesting but hectic ride.

The major problem i faced pertained to configuring nvidia drivers. Below are the solutions that worked for me:

1) Set your default boot to unsecure. Ubuntu apparently does not accept "foreign" drivers unless the boot is set to unsecured. You can set it in the UEFI or the BIOS.

2) Make sure you are using compatible compilers. I wanted to install the CUDA library and downgraded the compilers to version 4.X. I forgot to upgrade them back. I have knocked my head on the wall for three days and even formatted my PC before I discovered that the old compilers were the culprits.

3) Make sure you disable the nouveau driver. This is usually done automatically when you install the driver via the hardware application in ubuntu. This is the easiest fix.

That's all


What kind of system do you have?

I have ubuntu running on some computers at work, and they boot with secure boot running the nvidia drivers on a GTX 950.

I have Ubuntu MATE ver 16.04. It seems that Canonical has enforced this drivers policy with version 16.04. Older versions do not require unsecured booting.