My experience with Navi on Linux

Hey people. I just got myself an RX 5700XT, and (as expected) I’m experiencing quite a lot of issues on Linux.

I run Linux exclusively, just a heads up before you ask me anything related to Windows.

Anyway, I detailed the installation procedure and the issues I’m facing in this post in my personal blog, I’m hoping you can add something useful to the conversation, and maybe tell me something I might be missing.


I think we have to wait for kernel 5.3.x …is the rumor.

I already am on 5.3 rc6

I haven’t tried any 5.3 rc versions.

But on 5.1.x it wouldn’t completely start the GUI.

I can use my 5700xt in Fedora on 5.2.x for simple desktop use. But gaming is still not possible.