My ethical dilemma with certain bands

I just stumbled upon a black metal band called Goatmoon and I really like it in terms of the actual sound. I really like the solos and how melodic their music is at time, while at the same time it can be quite raw. A few minutes after that I found out that they're National Socialist (which I didn't really realize because I mostly ignore lyrics. Now I'm just wondering, as good as the actual music may be, do I really want to support a nazi band?

Either ignore the politics and enjoy the music, or don't listen to them.

It's not a hard decision to make. What matters to you more - music that you enjoy, or to judge whether you like things or judge things based on the creator's political opinions?


Don't let your conditioning get in the way of being able to objectively understand what national socialism, or even just plain old nationalism is about. Keep an open mind.


I felt the same way when it came out that the leading hobby of the singer for Lostprophets was practicing his best Catholic-priest-in-the-closet impression.

You could always just pirate the music as a demonstration of artistic appreciation and subterfuge to bring down those Nazis.

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Well I could support that if the political positions were detached from the music. However, a quick search and reading of some of this guy's stuff (it is a one man band with guest artists), it is clear that thy are not. The lyrics essentially are about and in favor of that particular position. Makes it kind hard to ignore the politics since the politics and music seem to be one and the same.

As for OP I mean it really is your call. I personally could never support anyone with positions such as those and honestly listening to some of those songs would make me uncomfortable. I certainly wouldn't want others to hear them. However, if you truly like the music then go for it. Although I kinda support the idea of pirating it if you're going to listen to it...

You know it could just be a band thing that they are nationalist socialist. Also Keep an open mind on the politics, the injustices of the past does not define a type of government. The US confederacy had slaves but it doesn't mean a confederacy is the US confederacy. A confederacy is just a form of government with no central authority. Nothing about that about slaves. They might be nationalist socialist but maby they dont follow racial supremacy???

I feel like the same sort of thing could be applied to other media.

A similar debate could be had with Tom Cruise and his Scientology beliefs. Some people don't watch his movies because of it, and others don't care.

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Black metal is riddled with murder and rape. How could you not see this coming when you signed up?

Vikernes anybody?


Equating a confederacy and national socialism is incorrect. A confederacy is a generic term however "national socialism" exists from the German Nazi Party. It is its origin. National Socialism/Nazism is defined as following the doctrines of the Nazi Party. Can't really separate them. Nazism is inherently an ideology of racial superiority.

"The new triumphant Aryan imperium
Rises from the ashes of this decadent world"

That is from on of his songs. Many others use the terms subhumans, degenerates, parasites ect... usually within the context of other peoples who are "weak" and "need to be cleansed." Many references to the swastika and its glory as well. (No not in the Hindu connotation) Some of the songs are clearly racist or could be interpreted as such

I mean OP can make that judgment for himself. Some songs are more satanic ect with less of a racist tone. He can only choose to listen to those if he is uncomfortable with the others perhaps? Again his choice either way.

I think I was thinking of facism that was created by the Romans.

I still think they are probably just trying to be super edgy in the end of the day instead of trying to pass a message.

Fascism is not national socialism. (Also fascism, at least as a term, wasn't invented until well after the Romans. IE 19th and 20th centuries).

Nah they do take themselves very seriously.

Though I really don't think the specific politics matter though. The lyrics have that content. Even if it isn't serious it could be interpreted as such. OP can make his own judgment about whether he wants to support said group who's lyrics involve such things, joking or not. IDC personally and really others shouldn't either. His choice really.

I dont know much about the band so I was only conjecturing a proposition which can either be true or false. I think interpretation of the listener is most important like you said but I will just point out that there is allot of entertainment out there that isnt PC but isnt morally wrong.

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Well with varg vikernes it's a bit different, as he may have done some fucked up shit and has some fucked up opinions, those opinions aren't really reflected in his music

As to what @DerKrieger said, I guess it kind of is my choice. The reason why I find it so hard though is because those nazi-perspectives are expressed in the music (as has been said before), and that's a bit of a big deal where I live (germany). I guess I'll just think about it some more

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It's a Roman word to do with a sort of ceremonial axe by the time of the republic.
It's definitely not a Roman system

I think people are pretty good at listening to lyrics they don't really agree with. How many white boys do you know how really want to hit da club to Superman some hoes, sip their lean, and bust a cap? Yet Lil Wayne sells very well with upper class and upper middle class white folks.

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Tool is by far and large my favorite band and I'm a religious individual. You can listen to music without having it compromise your ethics/morals/feelings etc.

Granted your concerns are of a different flavor. If you like them, and you don't care what the lyrics say, go for it.

Well at the end of the day, you do you

never thought I'd see so many people say "keep an open mind about Nazis, don't let the past conditioning hold you back", but then again from some of the people I see here its not surprising haha

Personally I think junk in junk out.

American skin heads have some catchy tunes..... With some dark, and to me sick, lyrics when you think about what they are talking about. Some are very good at word play.

They want to make their views less objectionable with media, from books, movies, radio to music. That's their plan, in America, so they told reporters anyway haha. There was a big long report about the little media empire out in Idaho. Also the party is making a comeback in Germany, while neo-nazi concerts are on the rise.

Could lessen your guilt by not supporting the guy monetarily I suppose.... Personally I wouldn't listen to it, even if free, but again you do you.


I for one don't listen to music that I can't stand the lyrics of (such as rape or probably Nazism...), but I love all that viking stuff and Dethklok which is pretty goofy. If I somehow overheard you listening to music I would assume that you didn't have a problem with what you were hearing. Is your issue 'do I want people to know I listen to this' or is it 'would I want myself to to know I listen to this'? Would you be disappointed with your twin?

I agree with basically no one that I have talked to 100% about politics. Most of the artists that I listen to are basically nuts. I have completely separated in my mind the music and the person. For example. I really like Eminem's music, but he is absolutely nuts. Same with Kanye. Love the music, but he is nuts. In the same vein, I love death metal, but am not a violent person in the slightest. The lyrics of a lot of my favorite metal bands are very violent and obscene, but that doesn't mean anything to me. I just like the music. Be it about killing people or about picking daisies. I don't care. I will go from Rotting Christ to Dethklok. It really just doesn't matter to me. And I don't see why it should matter to anyone. You are an adult (I assume), you can separate out fiction and reality. You don't have to do something just because you hear it, and you don't have to agree with something just because a band you like said it. Music is music. That is all.

It does seem like a double standard that rappers have music about shooting people but if a metal band says something edgy its bad.

We all know if a rapper made music about enslaving whites people would just say its an interesting take on slavery or something but if it was whites making metal music about enslaving blacks they would be called racists. I feel there is a big difference between being racist and being accused of saying something racist. I generally feel anybody can make a rape joke or a racist joke or a song but the line crossed is when somebody acts on that notion seriously.

I feel I share the opinion with George Carlin on these things.