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My E-Tape Mod in photos: Zotac GTX 1070 mini w/o thermal limit

Hey there! :3

I’ve modded my Zotac GTX 1070 mini with electrical tape, in order to prevent it from running into the thermal limiter. This mod also includes modding my SFF ITX case, a Cooler Master Elite 130.

I’ve also documented it on my tweeter:

This is what i have:

and the following is what i made out of it…

Unblocking ~1/4 of exhaust capacity

Building airflow dams, in order to restrict intake air to mostly cool(er) supply from outside

taking care of the bottom

and the top

the front and rear

I really want the air flow THROUGH the fins, and not just take a less resisting path!

Here’s an example of the card, mounted in the case, without the lid on

And this is my result - no thermal limit anymore! :blush::+1: That’s Metro Exodus, on Steam, noVM/bareMetal, Win10Pro, 1080p-auto-ultra, on a 120Hz VA monitor via DP, 16GB DDR3 RAM.