My dream pc worth £7600

the pc is from a website from

here are the specs:




You've only brought 3 different sized monitors, an AMD and A Nvidia graphics card, 3 mice, like 30 TB worth of space and 2 routers. Nice!

I can't read all of that shit...

But anyway, with that much money, I'd get myself a car and its minimal modifications. Then I'd be very happy that it'll never go outdated in 5 years, unlike technology.

I think there's a better chance of you getting $10k for that dream pc than me reading your post.

Umm wtf?

I'm starting to wonder if this is more of an advertisement than someone who has no idea of what they're doing.

Probably, but hey, weren't we all once so unknowelgeable about PC's.

looks like ad to me

pls respond OP, are you trolling or what?

I find it hard to spend $10K on a build yet alone £10k.

10K and cyberpower, really?

well my Dream  computer wouldn't cost 10K, maybe 3K at the most

inb4 "use an APU"


5800K is hot as fuck

and usins a ton of juice

Really? i3 in your 'dream build'?..

did you see what my dream build is IN?

and yeah I'll take that anyday over dual 8 core xeon with half a terabyte of ram and 4 7970s toxic editions

it can play any game I want to play

I don't really care much for these games that come out recently it can play any emulator including fluid Dolpin and PCSX2 emulation, HD play back for movies and anime

pretty okay with these framerates If I ever do want to play them

Well this got alot of people mad i just wanted to see would would happen if i max something out and post it on here

We aren't mad, we're confused an begining to doubt you ability to config a PC.

I mean really?..An Nvidea and an ATI card?, 30TB of storage?( How much porn do you intend to download? ), 3 mice?..If you're going to max something out, make sure it's compatible and don't just click on every part you see.

An to be fair, that build should only cost about £8500, but cyberpower like to overprice everything on there.

This would probably be my "Dream" build:

Parker you really aren't creative at all. That's the best you can come up with? xD

Well if you're talking about like not doing water cooling its because I just don't know exactly how to do it properly and its more like my realistic under $4000 build aha xD