My Download Speed is 55. Why is my game Downloading at 7. [wired]

Thats the question ^^^^^^^^

at work i had 20 when i was wired and they have shit speeds

If your downloading through steam and looking at the steam speed read out, its in MegaBytes per second, where your internet connection is usually measured in MegaBits per seconds. 55 Megabits per second works at to about 7 Megabytes per second :)

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Take note of the smaller 'b' in 55 Mbps, that means it's in Megabits. That is your network speed, the 7MBps you're seeing is your actual download speed, just divide the network speed with 8, and you get 6.9, and sometimes higher. That's how you get actual download speed for a connection.
So 100/8 = 12.5 MBps actual download speed
55/8 = 6.9 MBps

1 BYTE is 8 BITS.

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honestly didn't even notice that Lol i'm stupid

nah lot of people make that mistakes and ISP still use it to trick people..It's a weird confusing conspiracy.

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Yup, here in my country, ISPs always use that same trick to suck every piece of cash they can from their customers. It's a sad truth and not just a conspiracy.

its simple if you've ever had an intro computer class. Like day one you learn about the difference between a bit and a byte.

And they measure speed in Bits because its actually more accurate. At my job when we run speed tests we have to upload our results in Kilobits.