My display only show 30hz! not 60hz @4k?

I bought Acer Predator XB271HK bmiprz 27-inch IPS UHD, and my pc has a GTX 1070, The problem is when I connect it through the HDMI cable I only get 4k with 30hz, not 60hz, what can I do to get the 60hz??

I’m using HDMI 2.0

HDMI 2.0 should get you to 60hz at 4k, do you have a display port cable around to try?

Careful, some HDMI ports on monitors are not HDMI 2.0 (Crazy right), they are spec’d at 1.4 which is limited at 4k to 30fps. Also I dont believe G-sync is supported over HDMI and is supported over display port. Honestly with 4k anything you should exclusively be using display port as its the superior input.

try a different cable.

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Use Display port as that display is only HDMI 1.4.

Do you know the model of the cable? Some of the cheap ones on Amazon have issues.

Thanks for the help tomorrow I will buy display port and try it. Thanks

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Also some monitors ask you to enable DP 1.2 manually which is the one capable of 4k @60hz

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The G-Sync module in his monitor will make sure that’s not an issue.

Use Displayport, its the only way to use G-Sync and its guaranteed to be 60hz.

That is your best option. Both Nvidia and Radeon have trouble with trying to do 4K @ 60Hz. I use DP to HDMI adapters to get 4K 60Hz 4x4x4 chroma on 4K TVs even though over straight HDMI Windows recognize them as 60Hz compatible.

I wasn’t aware of that fact.

Yep it’s only some of the third party display controllers that’ll do funky stuff like setting displayport at version 1.1 instead of 1.2. There are now multiple iterations of the G-Sync module, some capable of running at 144hz at 4k.

It is also worth noting that only one displayport port on a monitor can have G-Sync. All inputs in addition to the G-Sync enabled displayport must be handled by a secondary controller, as G-Sync modules only will handle the single G-Sync displayport.

it turned out that the DP port in the display was not working probably even when I used the original cable that was provided in the box, I returned the display replaced with another one and it’s working fine, I was thinking of taking the 1440p @120hz but when I think about the less resolution I go back to the 4K.