My dad wants to put bloat on my PC HELP

I'm 13 and I have an 800 dollar computer, I spent my own money on(That I earned through a job not from my parents). And my dad wants to put a bunch of bloatware on it, to monitor every thing that I do. WHAT SHOULD I DO (

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Ask him if he works for the NSA xD.
But honestly, this depends entirely on the trust you and your dad have for one another and at 13 this may be complicated. But if you really want to prevent him monitoring your computer use Linux ;)


From the other thread you created about this:


He's your father and has the responsibility to protect you. You should let him install the bloatware.


I don't want to get involved in your personal family business, but I see it like this;

You are 13. You essentially have no rights in your home (depends on where you live, as laws can be different). It was great that you paid for your own PC, but you have to remember that you live under your parents' roof. They have every right to ensure that you aren't surfing websites that have explicit or pirated content. After-all, you are 13 and have raging hormones to contend with. :P

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Well, firstly, you should try to come to terms with your parents. If he doesn't trust you to use your computer responsibly, that is something that needs to be resolved. That, really, is the best thing you can do.

I mean, we can tell you to put passwords on your computer, or whatever else, but it is not really our business to tell your parents how it is best to raise their kid. (Besides, they can just take away your computer anyway.) You are not going to like hearing this, but, you are 13, not 18, so your parents do have a say in your life decisions. They would not be doing this if they were not concerned in some way, and it could be justified - there are a lot of ways to inadvertently give out personal family information. By saying this, I am not saying, "bite the bullet and deal with it," I'm saying that you should open a discussion with your parents about why they are doing this, and see if there is a way to avoid this, or at least, meet in the middle.


There is protection and there is just being nosy. There is also a little thing called trust. There shouldn't even be an argument here, when your parents have no trust in you then you don't necessarily have to trust them especially when your a teenager and should be given the privacy you need.

I've seen more nanny software nuke an install of Windows a few too many times to give any trust they won't destroy a perfectly fine PC.

I have never done any thing shady or bad on the internet. and one of the two programs he wants to install has already nuked his PC

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what programs?

Lemme guess: you ended up fixing his computer afterwards.

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The one that nuked his PC is called safe eyes the other is called covenant eyes(this one I think is fine he just wants to use this to watch what I do).

Nope still says he needs it even though the computer runs at half speed.

Has he ever explained "WHY" he needs it (since it is on his computer and not yours)? Maybe you should introduce him to adblock instead?

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pretty expensive too, covenant eyes, 14 bucks a month? what a rip off.

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My girlfriend has a son and , as much as he is a really good kid and as much as we trusted him, I knew we had to put parental software on his computer. He had it on his system until he officially graduated high school. We love him and wanted to protect him from the internet and from himself.

Trust me when I say you are 13 and you don't know SQUAT about the real world or the reality of life or the harm the internet can do. I know. I was 13 and I thought I knew everything. Your parents are doing this because they love grateful. We did it because we love him. Yes, he was angry, offended and he even whined and cried like a little baby. When it was all said and done it kept him from a certain level of self-destruction and kept his grades all A's!

He thought 1 hour of World of Warcraft (or any other online game he was into at the time) wasn't enough. Eventually we agreed and rewarded him with 2 hours per day. Soon that wasn't enough and he wanted 2 1/2, then 3, and on and on. If we had capitulated, he would have failed school and played WOW 24/7. EDIT - and I am just talking about gaming, never mind all the other crazy damage that the internet has to offer. TRUST ME! I do IT work. I know what is out there!

Just as an experiment we let him self-govern on the weekends and in less than 3 weekends he was literally gaming 16 hours a day or more or he would be up 3am and sleeping till 1pm - all at the age of 14. Yeah, he thought he knew it all, he thought he could control it, he thought there was no harm. He was pretty stupid...but you are when you are young and that is why we parents do what we do.

Of course, we had to lock things down again for his own good. He was angry, he argued it wasn't necessary and that he could handle it. We saw his friends that had no rules or limitations slowly over a year or two turn into little closet freaks that never wanted to go outside or socialize. Their grades suffered.

In the end, this kid is now in his 3rd year of college on his way to a comp. science degree and he remembers those days and laughs and agrees how right we were and tells us he is grateful that we did do it. If your parents truly love you and have any wits about them, they will absolutely do the parental control thing.

My advice to you, work with them. Cooperate. The more you fight, the harder you will make it on yourself and the less your parents are likely to trust you or want to reward you for good behavior.

I would recommend Time Boss Pro and need both and they do NOT harm the computer, bog it down or ruin the Windows installation.


My parents were the same when I was that age, unfortunately I knew how to disable said software, when they caught me doing it, I just refused to help them fix the TV or their PC's when they messed them up, until my PC was returned to me without said software.

You could always just switch your OS to Linux, and then laugh as they attempt to put it on there. Keep windows as a secret second boot.

Ok what about this: Instead of using monitoring programs why don't you propose to have the PC on a common place in the house. If this is satisfactory to you he will not need to monitor what you are doing digitally. If you ever need privacy you might be able to agree with him about giving you some space for a certain amount of time when needed. As i said in the other thread. Better solve this by talking about it.

My Dad used those for awhile. They are both heavy running resource hogs and will slow down any computer. I am pretty sure they both do the same thing, so you should not need both anyway. You may want to look at a way for you Dad to be able to monitor all the internet traffic and such instead of installing those programs.

You could also go the "it's my computer, I paid for it, I built it, I'm not putting that garbage on it" route.

tell him if he installs that software you're gona go try out for the cheer leading squad at your school.
or you'll become a new age hippy that will shun all technology esp, baths.
then sell your computer to buy healing crystals and hippy clothes (robes)
and spend your days making dream catchers for the local farmer's market.