My Current "homelab"

Just figured that maybe someone would find this interesting.

The Rack is a “ER27” with a glass front panel, that I bought from craigslist for like $100 from a penthouse in Miami. Previous owner bought a custom whole condo audio setup for like $30000, but didn’t end up liking it so he parted it out. I ended up using High density FR foam to soundproof it. (Worked amazingly)

Current Setup By Rack U:
27 - Panamax PDU (Not 100% on this)
26 - UDM Pro by Ubiquiti
25 - CAT.6 Keystone Patch Panel
24 - USW Pro MAX 24 Port by Ubiquiti (Upgraded a Cisco 3560G)
23/20 - Random Shelf with a Synology DS916+
19/17 - Empty
16/15 - Test Server
14/13 - ProxMox Server
12/11 - Business Server
10/7 - Media Server
6/5 - Tripp Lite 1500VA Expandable UPS
4/3 - NavePoint 2U Drawer
2/1 - Upside Down Shelf for Airflow and support.


USW Pro Max - I bought this recently to replace my old 3560G that I bought a year or so ago for like $5 dollars. Most of the ports just do to the patch panel that then connects to another patch panel mounted in the rear near the top cable access panel. I did this because originally I was going to run all the home data lines to the patch panel in the rear to allow for easy plug and play, but I’m in a rental right now so it’s really not being used.

ProxMox Server -
Ryzen 5 5600
Corsair SF850L
ICY Dock MB324SP-B (Just spend the extra money and get the metal version)
2x 500GB SSDs
Silverstone RM23-502-MINI

Running PROXMOX for VMs and Docker

Business / Personal Server -
ASRock B660M Pro RS
Corsair SF850L
8x WD RED 4TB NAS Drives
2x 500GB SSDs
LSI SAS9211-8i
Silverstone RM21-308

Running TrueNAS Scale

Media Server -
Random Supermicro Motherboard I found in the trash
Xeon E3-1270 V2
Corsair RM750x
5x Western Digital RED 6TB 7200RPM Drives (VDEV #1)
5x Seagate Exos 12TB 7200RPM Drives (VDEV #2)
2x 500GB SSDs
LSI SAS9211-8i
2x Silverstone 5 bay Hot Swap Units
Silverstone RM41-H08

Running TrueNAS Scale

The Server Cabinet is actively cooled from the top, but I didn’t like the noise it made. After putting filters, sound absorbing foam, and forcing air to flow a certain way. I managed to get the whole rack to be whisper quiet, but keep temps low. I have some more 3D printing for ducts and some aluminum work to truly make the rack have a true Cold/Hot aisle. Right now the temp difference between the front “Chamber” vs the rear “Chamber” it about 10 degrees C, but I think I could get better.


Very similar to my network rack. And good work turning trash into treasure. I can’t stand throwing out old components just because they have hit EOL. There is a reason I still have an old X99 MB and I7 5820K sitting in the closet.


Hi @Noblebullshark good work on salvaging and moding your rack. I plan to do something like what you did. The only difference is my rack is 7 feet tall. I just wanted to congratulate you and say hi.

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Thanks, I do have a dell 42U in my garage that is currently empty, but I don’t have the space or power outlets to use it. I decided to see what I can do with this little short depth rack and so far i’m liking it.

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