My credo for 2014 - what's yours?

I wanted to get some conversation started (I know there probably have been a few already going on) about 2014. I'm going to mainly use this to organize my thoughts in several different categories. So, here is what 2014 is looking like for me:

Hardware/Gear Upgrades

This year I'm going to get a 4k monitor. I'd like to get at least something that is 32" (maybe 27") and can do 60hz at 4k and 120 or 144hz at 1080p. If I can get a 4k monitor with gsync... well, even better (thought I'm not expecting to find that). 

I'm also going to grab some studio monitors and a sub. I'm leaning toward Roland, Audioengine (A5+), and Yamaha. If you have any suggestions let me know. I need the flattest response curve possible. 

I have the worst phone ever. It only works if I use speaker phone, it is not LTE, and it is not Android 4+. However, I do not have plans to upgrade. I do have plans to move away from Sprint. Sprint feels like a hole that I continually throw money into, so that has to go.

I am upgrading my gear some. I ordered a couple of Chrome backpacks (one for the camera and one for the laptop). Those should make life a little easier. The Chrome Niko will make it way easier to work at events and such. We will be strapping on a few extra pouches as well, so the strap will act like a bandoleer full of batteries, small lights, etc.

As for the camera, I'm happy with the Panasonic GH3K and don't plan to upgrade for Tek Syndicate videos. I do have one eye open for a camera that will be better for real movies/documentaries. I want something that shoots raw, is very small, and is full frame (or better). I love depth of field, and the GH3K doesn't give me much... It's better for the Tek Syndicate videos, but not for artistic stuff.

I have also been looking at anamorphic lenses, but I'm not sure if people will like them for product videos and such. They might only be good for movies, etc.

Next, since we are traveling a lot I am thinking about selling the 17" laptop and getting a 14" one with similar specs. I'll sacrifice 15% of the speed if II can get a smaller product. I love to travel lightly.


We are going to hit up a few events this year. We will be at PAX East, PAX Prime, Computex, and maybe Gamescom (among others). We will also be at CES (next week).

Traveling for work can be exhausting because you shoot videos all day then edit all night... There is also a ton of partying/schmoozing. Unfortunately, the schmoozing seems to be important in this business. I doubt I'll do much of it, but it is nice to meet certain people. Anyway, some think going to PAX is a vacation. It's not. I am way more exhausted after PAX than before. Also, I do love to travel. I am thinking about swinging by Japan or checking out China before returning from Computex. I would take the camera with me and upload some travel videos from the road. Let me know if you would watch them. I think I will regret going half way across the world just to spend all my time in a convention center. Also, when we go to Germany, it would be amazing to check out Switzerland. I also have some secret schemes that involve the Alps... We shall see what happens there. 

The Site & The Community

We have to improve the site this year. The content needs to be organized differently and we need to add several features. We have discussed this a lot and I won't repeat it here. Just expect changes/improvements.

We are also big enough now that people are wanting to sponsor us. I will take some sponsorships (though I have already turned several down). I want to make sure that anything we do benefits the community. So, if I am ever in doubt I will post something on the forum... like, "Hey, this company wants to give us money to put a commercial into The Tek or something... with that money we can hire an intern/travel to X event, etc. Let me know what you think of them and if you are cool with this."

The users and the community are way more important to me than the sponsors. The sponsors only matter to me if they can help better the community in some way. Sometimes that means that their money could be put to good use and sometimes that means that their products are great for us all. At any rate, this site is here for the community.

Videos & Streaming

I am going to be trying to hire one or two people this year. First, we need a creative type to handle camera stuff, audio, and editing. We will be testing some people out soon. It would also be great to have an intern to take care of some of the minutia. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to drown in the little BS and all I really want to do is make videos, play games, travel, and hang out with everyone. The Tek Support will really help with all of this. So, thanks to those that are signed up now. I do not see that money as extra income for me. I see it as money to pay additional people and money to make better videos. 

After some of the stress goes away I will be dusting off a few screenplays. I might even write a new one (finally). We also have some documentary ideas... but I would probably hire some outside help for those. I think we are much better with a film crew. Trying to be in front of the camera and behind the camera at the same time is getting very old. 

The Tek... It needs to be shorter and tighter. I like the banter, but I think most people tune out at 20-30 minutes. I'll see what we can do about making it more concise. I'll release the Rant:30 segments separately when I think they can stand alone as a separate video. 

We will be doing more hand-held stuff and more spur of the moment stuff. This does not mean we will be doing fluff and we will not be dumbing things down. I just want to get out from behind the desk and goof off a bit more. 

I'd like to hear your ideas for videos/segments, etc. I'd love to do more narrative stuff, but I'm not sure we have the time for that just yet. Also, I'm sure Wendell, Qain, and Pistol have some good ideas too. We will all go over it while also looking at the video analytics (as a guide for what works best). 


I'm a slightly private person. This is mainly because I believe we all need to have our private lives and I believe we all should respect each other. I won't be answering any personal questions (as usual). I deleted my Linkedin account and might delete my FB account. I will keep Twitter though.

So, here are some generic personal things that I plan to do this year... I plan to read several books, buy some more free weights (maybe even make a weight room), hike a bit more, and maybe get a Groenendael or a Groenendael mix. 

That's it for now. What's this year looking like for you?


For studio monitors I can recommend KRK Rokit's.. I have used them a few times and they are very good. KRK also makes pretty good subs.

if money is no option for studio monitors, Meyer sound HD-1's are very good, but run about 9k for a pair.   I go to school for audio technology and my instructor is a mastering engineer, and those are his main speakers.  JBL also makes some nice monitors for around 1200.  For more budget monitors, I have heard great things from the Presonus Eris line and the yamaha hs series. 

krk's are fairly good but not very flat

This year look like a year full of stuff...?

Sounds like a great year's coming.

But pleeeeeease don't shorten The Tek. I know there are many like myself who love sitting down and listening to you guys talk about stuff for an hour or more.

Maybe with an editor you could create a "Tek Highlights" video, about 10-15m long, but still keep The Tek's length as it is.

Also, I'm thinking of deleting FB, but I do speak to quite a few people on there, and I may regret deleting it, because I wouldn't be able to talk to them out of school.

I actually would like for The Tek to be longer, my highlight of the week is watching The Tek and i would like that to be for as long as possible. However I do understand that since the majority of people feel otherwise you will try to adapt to fit them.

 Thanks for all the awesome videos and for an awesome 2013, hoping for an even more awesome 2014!

If you want a stronger depth of field you need your camera set at a lower aperture.  If the current lens doesn't get you to the aperture you desire you can get something like a fixed 50mm lens with a lower aperture than you currently have.  If you're using a zoom lens and zoom in on something the aperture number will rise.  The "f number" or "f-stop" is the measurement for your aperture the lower the number the more depth-of-field you will get.

Again your max/min aperture is determined by the lens so you don't necessarily need a new camera you just need a new lens.  Unless of course you are unhappy with the camera in general and want a different camera anyway.  
I'm glad some of my knowledge is finally relevant xD

I don't believe in "selecting" dog based on their breeds, but Groenendaels/Groenendael mixes are the best breed. Period. Bar none.

Also, the Switzerland idea is really awesome in my opinion. CH is an AMAZING place! And I'll actually be there in late Aug (after Gamescom, though, which kinda sucks)...

I don't know what studio monitors exactly to recommend you but I will say that if you want a flat response do not get the A5+'s. I have them and they are not anywhere near flat. Sure the mids and highs come through pretty well but these things are bassy. Like party mix get on the dance floor dj kick that beat bassy. I even find the bass offputting at times so much so it makes me wish I hadn't bought them. You can wrangle the bass in with some EQ and adjustments but yeah not flat at all.

New years resolution- 1440p

I'd love to see more discussion on Linux from you guys. I am getting older and I feel pressure coming from my own brain about playing less games and learning to do productive things like code, etc. This year I start applying to colleges and I need to get my GPA up a little bit. I want to major in Computer Science. 

I am on my way to get an internship at a local IT shop, possibly even paid. I really don't want to work a meaningless fast-food job. 

I need to so some stuff to my truck too, I want to get some new headers and some hi-flow cats for a less-tame sound. I'm getting it re-sprayed in the next few weeks as well. I need new speakers in my doors too, if you guys have any recommendations that would be great. It's a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab LT with a 5.3 and it is clean. I just got my factory 20's for it and it looks great. 

Other than my truck, I want to improve my gaming setup. I want to get a 120Hz 1080p or a 1440p monitor and another GTX 760. As for a new case, I'm going to grab a Fractal Design R4.

This is a lot of thought that I haven't considered before, I'm going to stop now before I get carried away.

I like all your plans, just hope to see more of Qain and Pistol in the main youtube channel, and more BeerGamesBeers content from you all

Can't wait to see more content from y'all.  I hope you guys are stream more often, I really enjoy playing games with y'all!

For my 2014 year I will just be attending college and going to work.  Pretty average, maybe I can find a job in computers soon.

A shorter The Tek makes me sad, it's nice to be able to wake up on Saturday, have a pot of coffee, and enjoy 40-60 minutes of content.

In regards to your reading, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind an opinion on the titles you've chosen.

My plan for this year:

  • Pass 1st year of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Do lots of Road biking
  • Travel Europe as best I can while I live here

I am a simple man with simple goals.

These are my goals for 2014:


  • Get a Distinction average for all my units at university.
  • Increase my understanding in the mathematics and physics behind electrical and computer systems and the universe.


  • Run 10 km under 40 minutes consistently.
  • Bench my body weight.
  • Curl one third of my body weight.
  • Pulldown twice my body weight.
  • Get better at swimming.


  • Buy a flagship phone from Samsung, HTC or get the next Nexus phone.
  • Buy and assemble my mATX, CPU + GPU water-cooled, Broadwell + Maxwell architecture dream computer.
  • Buy a 1440p monitor and audiophile-quality headphones.


  • Meet more people.
  • Network more with engineering students.
  • Make closer friends.
  • Be more confident.

kind of bummed about the tek's time being cut down, was really liking the long sessions. Since the tek is a summary of the events of a week it being an hr long or so seems about right. 

  • Lose weight
  • Get better at 3d modelling (long way to go)
  • Go through all the unity3d tutorials at

Go abroad, never been abroad yet in my life...

So when is my job interview?

Recommended reading:


On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You're Not

by Robert Burton

Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age

 by W. Bernard Carlson

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