My Cousin has an indie game on Kickstarter

Hey guys this isn't really an ad, just my cousin is working for a small games company start up and they've got a kickstarter for a game they're developing. I'm not asking anyone to fund it, just have a look and see if you like it and tell me what you think and if you're interested and if you want tell your friends or whatever.

Its called Steel Waves and is a world war 2 naval war game.

So you know have a look or whatever, i don't really care just trying to help my cousin.

It looks interesting and has some potential.

Their page would be more attractive with more graphics explaining things and less walls of text :P

For the game itself, the biggest drawback I saw from watching the preview was the lack of sound when you hit and the oddly... whooshy sound of those large guns firing. The actual potential to be a fun and playable game along the lines of WoT is pretty good.


If i have some extra from unemployment I'll kick it their way just for having some potential to make a good game that's different.