My computer won't load this particular website?

I play CS:GO and I just got free premium for A friend of mine recommended this website to me but my computer can't even load the website. I scanned with malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials and it found nothing suspicious. I tried with internet explorer and google chrome and the website still won't load. But apparently, it loads for my friend. He told me there was nothing wrong from his side and it runs totally fine. I have an ASUS N65U router that I bought last year December and there's definitely nothing wrong with it. When I try to go to the website on chrome it says Oops!... , and on internet explorer it says it cannot display the website, I even went to internet options and changed it to accept all cookies but it still doesn't work. Help please

I would suggest you try and see if this website is blocked through your ISP. (this maybe due to suspicous activity or what not)

Alternatively try using a proxy to get through to the website or change your DNS settings to google's DNS's.